Hello everyone! So recently i decided to get microdermabrasion done, which is a treatment where they use crystals to scrub your face and its a 20 minute procedure but quite heavy on the pocket, i got it done primarily because i wasn’t happy with the texture of my skin, plus i was getting sudden breakout under my skin, i know weird, so naturally i decided to do something about it. After my first sitting my acne went away but as its not a very gentle process i did get redness and so naturally, i decided to do something about it.

And so i decided to take the bullet and splurge on Sunday Riley Good Genes Treatment which is known to be king for treating red spots and hyper pigmentation, it is on the expensive side, and by that i mean not just ‘raised eye brows expensive’ but totally ‘freak out expensive’! It retails for a $105…yeah!

Sunday riley good genes treatment

Sunday riley good genes treatment

Anyway the bottle i bought from sephora leaked and it was all sorts of crazy so i took it back and they gave me a fresh one, long story, but anyway I’m so glad i decided to splurge on this, it is an absolute delight of a product, it improved the appearance of my skin tremendously! The active ingredient is AHA which is quite harsh to be honest if used aggressively (by that i mean regularly) i usually use this every other day or twice a week and the results are just as good.

The packaging is so cute, simple and classy, just how i like packaging…! The bottle comes with a pump and one squirt is enough for me, it ma be because i have a tiny face and if have a slightly larger face area (Kinda awkward to say) then you will probably need two or more, or as many as you prefer!

Sunday riley good genes treatment

It it a milky type serum/treatment and smells a bit..funny, which I’m guessing is because lactic acid, but works wonders on the skin, the appearance of my skin has improved a lot and i absolutely adore this product.

acne treatment

I won’t say that all my hyper pigmentation has gone, but the amount of redness i had on my face before, i have a fraction of it left now thanks to Good Genes.

I would recommend this to anyone who is having problems dealing with redness or left over acne spots that JUST DONT GO AWAY! Its an expensive products and i would suggest searching for a cheaper alternative, but if you have the budget for it then go ahead you won’t be disappointed!

The product is available at Sephora,Cult beauty, The line, Net a porter, bliss world

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