Hello everyone! so soon its going to be Autumn, its sad that I don’t get to see Autumn in its full blossom because i live in a very tropical area so basically I’m in mid summer at the moment, but that has never stopped me from mentally preparing myself to experience autumn, so naturally I went on a hunt to find the perfect moisturizer for oily skin that would be perfect for humid climate and I’m pleased to say that my search is finally over!

I present to you Clinique dramatically different moisturizing gel, to be honest one of my friends used to rave to me all the time how good clinique skin care was but i never really gave in, but after trying out this moisturizer my opinion has changed dramatically!

moisturizer for oily skin

The packaging is very nice, it comes in a plastic bottle with a pump (bows down), thank you clinique for the pump i hate having to squeeze or stick my fingers in the moisturizer i like pumps! The texture is gel like hence the name, and very light and airy, it feels like putting water on the skin.

moisturizer for oily skin

moisturizer for oily skin

My skin loves the formula it just absorbs it right in, it doesn’t drown me and my face feels fresh, most of the moisturizers I’ve tried in the past make me feel ekyy but this one is super amazing.

Also it doesn’t clog my pores like most moisturizers do, its a great everyday product for people with oily sensitive acne prone skin.

moisturizer for oily skinmoisturizer for oily skin

I use this daily underneath my foundation and i feel that my foundation goes on extremely smooth after I’ve started using this product, its just simply love and rated very high on my product love list, PLUS its very affordable, it retails for $26 which i think is a very small investment on something which gives you so much more that what you paid for , fifty points to Gryffindor!

You can buy this product from any Clinique counter, Sephora, Amazon, just about anywhere, its everywhere!

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