Hello there! So after weeks of skincare blabbering I’m finally back to what i do best, i.e lipstick raving, oh yeah

So i have been obsessed with all things Charlotte Tilbury for a while, my obsession stems from watching way too many youtube gurus raving about the products, I had to buy a lipstick i mean, yes spending $32 on lipstick is insane but you gotta do what you gotta do, and i feel that it is a great value compared to other high end lippies (Christian Louboutin for e.g. retails for $90, insane or what?!?) hence i think Charlotte Tilbury lippies are a great deal compared to the other high end stuff.

stoned rose swatch

stoned rose swatch

The packaging is praise worthy, i say this primarily because of the rose gold packaging but-come on, the packaging is a total throw back, classy lipstick case, i love it, plus its SHINY (yes, a major selling point, if you ask me)

I got the lippie in Stoned Rose which a nice peachy nude, which is my favorite type of nude, it looks naturally flawless and i feel goes perfectly with my skin tone, most nudes make me look washed out, this one is PERFECT!

stoned rose swatch

stoned rose swatchstoned rose swatch

This shade is from the K.I.S.S.I.N.G collection and has a glossy finish, plus it is so long lasting, i mean i drank a whole glass of orange juice and i was surprised that Miss Charlotte Tilbury wasΒ still on my lips! excitement level^32145678!!

stoned rose swatch

The formula is extremely hydrating and does not settle in the lines of the lips, and keeps them looking fresh, i absolutely LOVE this lipstick, it is currently my go-to.

stoned rose swatches stoned rose swatches

Im excited to try other shades out from this range. If you have tried any of the other shades leave your reviews down in the comments below πŸ™‚

You can buy CT Lippies at Nordstrom or CT’s websiteΒ 

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