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Hello everyone! so first things first, i have been border line obsessed with Ella Henderson’s music, that girl is a genius, her voice is so beautiful and powerful and she has so much control over it, i just can’t get over it!

In other news i’m back from holiday and as much as i love being home i got  busy the second i came back so i’ve been pretty crap at updating my site. BUT i have sooo much stuff to talk about now, i’ve made notes on which products i want to review. The first one and the one i was most excited about is the glamglow super mud clearing treatment. I have wanted to try this treatment out for the longest of time, the concept behind it was alluring. I bought mine from Sephora and tried it out as soon as i got home.

glamglow mud mskglamglow charcoal mask

Okay so this product is supposed to be good for cleaning out your pores and take all the gunk out and basically leave clean, soft smooth skin. Also it is believed to be good for acne.

First of all lets drool over the packaging, i’m pretty sure the price tag of $65  includes about 15$ as packaging cost. I find that excess, yes its adorable but what am i going to do with the packaging after i’ve oped the product? throw it away, BINGO! so spending on packaging kinda pisses me off, glamglow can easily make their products affordable by reducing packaging costs, just a thought

glamglow face mask

The container is tiny, and in proportion to the box its probably 20:80! I was pretty bummed about that. Anyway moving on

Whats in it?

  1. AHA/BHA
  2. pH 4.1-4.4
  3. Activated-X Charcoal; an extreme absorption carbon
  4. K17-Clay : Extracts and absorbs excess sebum oils and bacteria .
  5. TEAOXI; natural eucalyptol, natural-linalool oil

Okay so for those of you who read this and the list went right over your head, and also for those who skipped the list here is the what the product has in English; all the ingredients are very good for fighting acne and you’ll find them in most acne fighting products, however these ingredients can be harsh and over drying on the skin if used too frequently especially on sensitive skin.

I read a zillion reviews before buying this product and most of the reviews were positive but some complained about breaking out after using this and i can only think of one reason why; over-use of product leading to over-drying of skin which leads to excess oil production and which ultimately leads to acne.

It’s just like drugs, you use them seldom and they make you feel good, use them too much and you’re on crack. But no don’t take this as a drug and don’t take my word on how i’ve described drugs either, i’ve just worked this out based on what I’ve seen in movies so yeah!

glsmglow supermud clearing treatment

I’ve used this twice, and i really like how it made skin feel, i get blackheads around the nose area where most people would get them, i cant say they’re all gone but my pores feel significantly cleaner after using it, also my skin feels extremely soft and healthy. I do follow up with a moisturizer after using this as the AHA/BHA does dry out the skin.The instructions say that you should keep the mask on for 5-20 minutes so depending on how sensitive your skin is wash it to avoid over drying your skin.

facemask by glamglow for acne and black heads

Working it’s magic 🙂

Overall i LOVE this product immensely because of the way it makes my skin feel, is it worth the splurge, i’d say yes everyone should try it at least once to see what the fuss is about and it might even work for you. I do like looking at the jar. its very soothing.

A point worth mentioning here is that if you feel that this mask is too heavy on the pocket because lets face it, it is expensive for a tiny jar then a good alternative is the origins charcoal face mask which is a cult favorite of mine. The major difference between this product and the origins one apart from the price difference is that glamglow feels very minty when you put it on and you get that tingly feeling, whilst with the origins one i don’t get any such feeling, however i feel like glamglow is a bit drying for me compared to origins however I like the results from glamglow more than that by origins, i get redness on my cheeks and glamglow takes the redness away completely whilst origins cleans my pores but only reduces the redness doesn’t take it away completely.


Hoping this review helped you in making your mind if at all you wish to buy it! If you already own this leave your reviews down below in the comments i would love to know:)

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  • Ana A (JournalbyAna)

    ok i know this might sound creepy ut you look so peaceful in that picture =) have been hearing a lot of mixed reviews about this mask. think im gonna skip i wouldnt want to spend so much money and then find out it doesnt suit me =(

    • Haha no no peaceful is goo 😀 well yeah i was pretty confused too before buying it but so far i like the mask!

  • Everybody is raving about the Glam glow mask, i think i should give it a try too 🙂