Hello everybody! So i’ve let my hoarder phase take control of me for a while and i have to admit, i’ve enjoyed it thoroughly! Referring to it in the past tense as now i have embarked on another self enlightening journey i.e SAVE some money (which is going to be painfully hard but i’m willing to give it a try – trying because i’m saving up on a massive splurge i’m planning by the end of summer ) yay everyone wins!

So i’ve always thought it best to skip using bronzers as – if i do come off as a bit self absorbed i do apologize- i have pretty prominent cheek bones (mom i am forever thankful) but recently I’ve been watching Carli Baybel on youtube and her tricks on just how good the magic of bronzers work for us ladies has led me to question myself, and so i decided to invest in the Too faced black book of bronzers. I figured this product equaled to all the bronzers i will ever need in a while so i just added this to my cart. I placed my order through the Facebook page Amor and honestly i had a lovely experience shopping through them, highly recommend!

too faced bronzer swatches

too faced bronzers

So coming to the product itself, the packaging is super girly and fun, and just how i like my bronzers haha! I’ve heard many people rave about too faced bronzers so i thought instead of buying each bronzer separately i should just get all the bronzers! Once i opened the ‘black book‘ all i could smell was CHOCOLATE! They smell so yummy i have to keep myself from eating them up!

too faced bronzer swatches

too faced bronzer swatches

The book comes with total 8 bronzers, which include 4 pure matte shades whilst the rest are sheen to simmer bronzers, all of them are insanely pigmented and very easy to blend.

too faced black book of bronzers swatches

I have to say that this black book is a great value for money and i LOVE it so much. Its priced $49 and is offered as a limited addition product on Sephora so its safe to say: get yours today 🙂

This Black Book includes the following bronzers released by Too faced;



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