Hello everyone! so I’ve been pretty crap at uploading posts on my site, but thats because i’m on holiday! However I’ve not been slacking as much as it may seem by the looks of my not so speedy updating of my site, i have been editing away. I decided to vlog my holiday for two reasons;

1) I love watching vlogs

2) I wanted to document my trip, so that i could look back and say ‘ay i had a good time’\

also Bonus pointer 3) i wanted to share it with anyone who also enjoys watching vlogs πŸ™‚

So far i’ve uploaded three vlogs, covering a umber of days together, I’m posting them down below, ENJOY!

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Hello everyone! welcome to my blog. I review makeup and fashion products (obviously) along with that i post about any and everything i feel like from lifestyle to my life ramblings. Watch this space :)

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