Hello everyone so i filmed a new video with my sister, and we decided to react to old Facebook photos I’ve uploaded, which are well hidden so that no one can see them, haha

Facebook has gone through so many stages, atlas thats what i think.

2007 was the year where everyone added everyone without thinking who they are, just like one would do on Orkut (speaking of which – Orkut has been taken down, i remember it being the IT thing back in 2006)

2008 for me was a ‘goth’ year, i applied Kajal right under my lower lash line and properly packed it on my eyes, Kajal wore me basically,

2009 was an okay year in terms of pictures but mayn EvErYb0dY towked lyk dis!

2010 was an okay year for me on Facebook but i always posed showing one side of my face, what is up with that!

2011-2012 was the year of PDA and when people started getting 200 plus likes on their pictures, its all about the like people

2013-till now things have changed for the better and people now only have DSLR taken pictures,as do I, nothing less. Welcome to the future baby

So here is the video, enjoy πŸ™‚

or you can watch it on ytpak