The Charlotte Tilbury fever has been big for the past six months or so, and i have been obsessed with the entire range of products she has brought out thus far, for the past few months i have been lusting like a little fangirl over the much hyped and raved aboutΒ ‘Magic Cream’

The name of the cream itself is enough to make one question, ‘Hmm magic? i must try it’ I pretty much had the same thoughts not gonna lie, i read a ton of reviews online and in the end concluded; my life just could not continue without it any longer! It is an expensive product, quite frankly spending $100 on a cream is a bit mental but hey we’ve all had our moments and for me having this cream in my life was i challenge i had accepted a long time ago, so around my birthday (before actually! naughty me) i placed an order for the Magic cream.

Once i received it, i was wowed by the beauty of its packaging, I loved how the jar looked in the picture but actually having it in front of you in person, its actually a bit surreal! (now i’m a 100% sure you think I’m mental)

charlotte tilbury magic cream review

SoΒ does this cream work? is it really magical? will it do wonders for your skin? I sure as hell hoped so, but i was alas disappointed πŸ™

So as it figures i had the calculation all wrong, i ignored the negative reviews, i was blinded by lust!

So who is this cream for? Who are these people raving about it?Β 

This cream is best for incredibly dry devitalized skin, best for mature skin, and my skin does not fit into this category.

Charlotte herself describes this for: Everyone I come across, from models to my mother, has dehydrated, stressed-out, fragile skin. You may have an oily T-zone, but all skin types benefit from a rich, oily cream.

I agree with the first part of her statement that if you are a model and you have had makeup on for days, and your skin is now feeling caged but you still need people to believe that you are perfect and have gorgeous skin then this is your best bet. However the second half of the sentence i don’t agree with, i have oily skin which is dry in some areas but mostly oily and i live in a climate where its very very hot so this cream was totally NOT magical for me. I feel like brands should also consider the climatic conditions in different parts of the world, because if somethings works at 10 degrees it might not work at 40 degrees, its just going to be a HOT MESS!

Having said that i think it is a great product for dry skin and would work for my skin when its a bit more drier, i gave this to my mom because i dint want my money to go to waste and to be honest it worked out for her, she has dry mature skin so the combination was perfect and the molecules in this cream knew exactly how to do their magic on her skin, whilst on me those little molecules got badly confused and made my skin feel as if it was drowning.

The consistency of this cream is really thick so you only need a little bit, on my moms skin it absorbed right away and made it look so glossy and dewy and full of life. I was quite bummed about it not working out for me as great, but i’m hoping Miss Tilbury brings out a cream which is targeted towards people with oily/combination and less mature skin types.

Also if you have active acne this product is a big NO! Its too thick of a consistency for acne prone skin to breakdown and you will be left with grease on your skin so you might want to avoid this one rather than having it experienced first hand! You’re welcome πŸ™‚

Possible acne triggers:

  • Sunscreen
  • Essential oil
  • Silicones
  • Shea butter

On the whole, this cream is magic for a very specified group of people (like many creams out there) but i have high hope that Miss Tilbury will figure something out for the people having skin at the opposite spectrum and i kid you not i will wait in line any day to get my hands on it!

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