Hello everyone! So i’ve entered into my lipstick obsession phase again, every summer i transition into a lipstick crazy lady, and also as it was my birthday month i went a little bit too crazy!

I ordered a zillion lippies, and in all of that i managed to get my hands on Darkside by MAC. When it comes to lipstick my weak spot is dark berry toned reds, they just suck me in and i end up buying a dark red lipstick when i specifically have gone out to get a nude pink, story of my life!

mac darkside

darkside by mac

Anyway, the thing which made me buy this lipstick was Megan Fox, i saw a picture of her wearing this or a similar lip shade and i just HAD TO GET IT! She’s such an enabler! and also a friend of mine told me she was ordering Sin by mac which is a very similar color to darkside except that its matte, whilst dark side has a very creamy texture and a glossy finish, exactly just how i like my lipsticks!

So packaging wise, its just standard mac packaging can’t go wrong with that, the lipstick is an amplified creme which basically means that its super pigmented and super NOT matte. Its very comfortable on the lips, as it has a glossy finish it does tend to move around the lip area, it does for me but thats probably because i’m pretty rubbish at applying lipstick. My lips are naturally very dry so the formulation of this lipstick works a 159% in my favor. The color i would describe as a deep red with purple undertones and 200% gorgeous!

mac lipstick for dark skin

After getting this lipstick i straight away searched through my collection to see if i could find a possible dupe, and i found two close colors, the first one which is similar to darkiside but leans more towards brown undertones was Eude House’s cherry, i do love this lipstick its very long lasting but as its matte its a bit drying, secondly a cult favorite of mine Rimmel Kate moss in 107 was a close one leaning more towards pinky berry under tones, however if you layer 107 it would come pretty close to darkside.

top ten mac lipsticks

mac lipstick swatches

deep red lipstick dupes

mac dupes

mac darkside


Overall i LOVE this lipstick, i got mine through a friend, but you can buy MAC through their website πŸ™‚

Thanks for reading πŸ™‚

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