Hello everyone! I recently placed an order on just4girls.pk , i’ve been drooling over the Makeup revolution palettes, especially the ones that look like a chocolate bar and so i decided i needed them in my life. The I heart Chocolate palette got famous for being the dupe of the Two faced chocolate bar palette and so thats the one i got.


The packaging is SO cute, I mean it looks like a chocolate bar, it cant get any better than this to be honest, the box is made of plastic and seems of pretty good quality, also it comes with a mirror which is great if you ask me. The only thing they could improve maybe is that the name of each shade could have been mentioned on the palette rather than on a separate plastic sheet.


dupe for chocolate bar palette

Swatches of i heart chocolate palette

I wasn’t expecting the colors to be super pigmented, but after swatching them i was pleasantly surprised, i will say that with the lighter colors you have to swatch twice for the color to show up, but if you use an eye shadow primer then you’ll get a pretty decent color, that is what i like to do, or if you don’t have a primer just dip your brushes in water and then apply the color, you’ll get a pretty pigmented color result.

The darker colors are brilliant, they have an amazing color payoff, i love the fact that this palette has a wide selection of dark and lighter shades which give you so many options to create a variety of looks. The palette comes with 6 matte and 10 shimmer shades, the mattes i find a little less pigmented then the shimmer ones but if built up then the result is pretty satisfying, the colors are also pretty close to the Two Faced Chocolate Bar Palette making it the perfect dupe, however unlike the chocolate bar palette this on doesn’t smell like chocolate sadly, wish it did though!

i heart chocolate platte review

Swatches of i heart chocolate palette

makeup revolution chocolate palette swatches

Swatches of i heart chocolate palette

Ive noticed that the darker colors stay on the lid for as long as i don’t wash my face but the lighter ones, especially the pinky nude color called ‘meet chocolate’ disappears after a few hours, so for you to really get this color to show and stay, you have to pack it on nicely. The colors are also easy to take off, the darker colors included, i hate when dark colors don’t budge and I’m just left there rubbing my eye lid, but with this its incredibly easy, i use Bioderma mostly to take eye makeup off, but a normal cleanser would work just as fine

In term of price range this is a bargain compared to the two faced palette, so for for the price you pay, you get a 50 times better product. Overall an amazing product definitely worth the spent.

Thanks for reading <3

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