Makeup revolution has been the brand of dupes lately, you want a 30$ eyeshadow palette? But you don’t wanna pay 30 bucks, chances are you’ll get a perfect dupe for 10 bucks, and when you can get something for 10 bucks then why pay 30, right?

hourglass ambient palette review

I really wanted to try out the highlighter palette by makeup revolution, I’ve heard its a good dupe for the Hourglass Ambient lighting palette,and so Β i placed an order on Just4Girls to get the palette;

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the packaging it looks so classic and clean and shiny, the rose gold lettering on the palette is gorgeous, the look of the palette in very high end, like something you’d see on the vanity of a famous makeup artist and think; ‘i bet that palette is heavy on the ks’ but in reality its not.

highlight radiance palette

makeup revolution highlight palette


The palette comes with three highlight shades, all three are of a decent size and are bound to last you a while, oo i like how that rhymes!

I love the texture of all three its very smooth and applies really well, i love how its not in your face shine but very subtle. I hate it when people go overboard with the highlighters and their cheeks just look like a light bulb, if at all you’re going for that, i’m sure you can build up the pigmentation of the highlight, if not you and i are on the same wavelength and i feel you!

The middle shade reminds me a of theBalms Mary Lou Manizer, and its my favorite one. I love this palette, its a great deal for the price and has the most amazing highlight shades

radiance palette

hourglass ambient palette dupe

You can place your order at Just4girls to get this palette, i think also keep makeup revolution in stock, or you can go over on the makeup revolutions websiteΒ to buy it, choice is

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