Hello everyone! So very soon a friend of mine is going to ‘tie the knot’, its such a cliche thing to say in this case but i couldn’t help myself from writing it!

What comes before a wedding? BRIDAL SHOWERS, everyone seems to be having a lot of those recently.

I have to say planing one is a lot of work, you need to plan everything from the decor to the food and the budget. Budget is very important , you need to set a minimum to maximum amount you are willing to spend and then divide it by how many people are most likely to show up to calculate the contribution per person,this will help you in making important decisions like how many balloons you can buy what you can serve to the guests.

Next up, you need to decide a theme for the party, this will help you getting the right decor, we kept the theme gold and black because that is what the decor of the room was, this helped us in staying in budget.

Next you can make props and party favors, we made scented candles to give to each guest at the party, also to make things interesting we planned a few games, like list down all the dirty words you can think of from A to Z, making wedding dresses from news paper etc etc

The most important part has to be the cake and it is the most expensive item as well, the fondant cakes are very in these days and you can customize it to however you want it, google and pintrist are the best places to get inspiration from.

We got a Tiffany& co inspired jewelry box made!

here are a few pictures of the bridal shower we arranged;

Bridal shower cake

Look how pretty it is !


bridal shower dress ideas

Heres what i wore

Kate moss lasting finish lipstick 10

On the lips Rimmel London Kate Moss Lasting finish in 10

girls just wanna have funarranging  a bridal showerbridal shower dressesgold dress for themed party ideasbridal shower food ideas

black and gold decorTHANKS FOR READING <3


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