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So if you’ve been reading my posts for some time then you would know that i swear by Maybelline’s dream matte mouse foundation, even though a lot of people despise that foundation, for me its perfect. Maybelline foundations always work well with my super sensitive skin and so i decided to try out the Super Stay foundation.

This foundation claims;

24 hour coverage, micro flex formula with flawless fresh coverage,the foundation also comes with SPF 19.

maybelline superstay swatch

Lets talk about coverage first because what good is a foundation if it doesn’t cover anything,the coverage is light to medium, it does cover a lot on its own, that is the redness from previous spots, i’m not quite sure how well it will cover acne because it doesn’t have full coverage, i have to say the formula is light weight and my skin doesn’t feel trapped, I’ve noticed that it covers dry areas on the face pretty well, and it is very easy to blend as well, however it does badly stain my makeup brush, I’ve tried washing them but the stain still remains so i’m not too crazy about that.

Maybelline super stay review

One thing that puts me a bit off is that its not a 100% color match for me,  I swatched pretty much every shade in the shop but i couldn’t really decide which one to go with, and so i settled with ivory, which is a bit yellow on me and in some lighting looks a bit ashy. The colors were either too pink or too yellow there wasn’t a good in between which is sad because the product it self is quite good.

The best thing is that it comes with a pump which just simplifies your life, i have tried blending the foundation with my hands but it just doesn’t happen for me it gets all patchy and dry so i suggest you use a good blending brush and you’ll have no problems in blending

maybelline foundation review

Now on the part where the product claims 24 hour wear, i would say that it would be true if you have normal to dry skin, but on my oily skin the foundation turns shiny on the nose area, however the cheeks and the chin stay matte for a significantly longer period. Ive never worn this for 24 hours straight and nor do i ever intend to but it does look fresh for a good couple of hours, i tend to use this when i’m going out and not to work solely because it is a bit heavier  compared to the dream matte mousse.

If i compare the coverage of this foundation with revlon color stay then it doesn’t even come close because if you have problem skin you will definitely need to use a concealer with the super stay whist with the revlon one you just need the foundation and a good blending brush. however it would be wrong to compare the two because revlon color stay is full coverage whilst this is not so if you’re looking for a light to medium coverage foundation that is easy on the pocket and is an overall good investment then i suggest you go for the Maybelline super stay.

Here is me wearing the foundation with Rimmel Match perfection concealer 

maybelline super stay foundation 010 ivory


super stay maybelline reviewmaybelline super stay foundation review anushaesays

This foundation is available very easily on all Maybelline counters and is priced around $6-7 (1680-1700 pkr)

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