Hello everyone! how are you all doing?

I haven’t been much active on my site lately and that makes me sad, because uploading random bits and bobs and rambling about girly stuff makes me happy, and so i decided enough and so i picked up my camera and filmed myself putting on makeup for my friends wedding.

Its funny to think about it to be honest how its exciting to see other people do their makeup, at least i find it exciting, probably because i’m very nosy, and plus i always get to learn more tricks on how to put on makeup.
So here you go, i ‘attempted’ to do a smokey eye, emphasis here on the past tense of the word ‘attempt’ because honestly I’m still learning to do eye makeup, i’ve gotten heaps better at it, if i say so myself 😀
Here is the video :
And for those of you who do not have access to YouTube click the link down below and watch it in HD 🙂
Here all the products used in the video:
Maybelline Super stay foundation:
Rimmel Match Perfection Concealer:
Rimmel Stay matte pressed powder:
Sleek blush by 3 Pumpkin Palette:
Makeup Academy eye shadow palette- Heaven and Earth
Sleek iDivine Palette -Storm. Used for contouring and for brows
Christine Lip liner in  Flame Red
Makeup Academy Lipstick -Shade 13
And somehow whenever i do makeup this is the mess that i end up withrich girl vanity ideas
Thanks for watching 🙂

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