Hello everyone! its been a while since i last did a lippie post and so here i am! I have never invested in lip liners i always thought they were a way makeup brands trick us into buying something we already have i.e lipsticks, but after using one which i borrowed from a friend i have probably been the biggest advocate of lip liners, not only do they make your lipstick last longer but you can actually wear them as a separate lip product, pretty sure half of the world already knew that but i’m just letting my new found fascination sink in.

So quite naturally i went shopping to get me some lip liners, as one would do. I really wanted to get the Rivaj Uk liners because thats the one i used but ended up buying the Christine lip liners, they are SO good and there are so many colors to choose from!

christine lipstick pencils

Chrintine lip liner pencil

I picked up 3; a nude pink called lilac pink, a cool toned red called flame red,and warm toned red called Burn red.

lip liners christine

Lets talk about their packaging, pretty standard nothing too fancy. As for the formula; i won’t call it creamy but its defiantly not dry i don’t know how to explain it so here is me trying; its not creamy but its also not as if you are drawing with a carbon pencil on your lips, its a good in between.

Application wise i find it better if you apply vaseline first and then the liner, or if you have naturally well maintained lips then you can skip the vaseline, for me i think vaseline is a must so thats how i use them.

The color pigmentation is insane, i love all three colors i picked, i love how i can dress them up and down, with dark lipsticks you’re just like ‘bam thats a deep red how do i get this to be work appropriate?!’ but with these you can build up the color however you prefer, also they are very long lasting on the lips. I have to say they are a bit drying but if you use any lip balm then you won’t have that problem.

Sharpening them is also pretty easy, all you need is a big opening sharpener, also i find that you don’t need to sharpen them that much because the tip stays pointy for a while, I’ve been using them since 3 weeks now and i dint have to sharpen them yet, so far so good.

Here is me wearing them:

swatches of christine lip liner pencils

From left: Burn Red, Flame Red, Lilac Pink

lip swatch of christine lip liner pencil

Lilac Pink


lip swatch of christine lip liner

Flame Red


lip swatches of christine lip liner

Burn Red

These are available fairly easily and are very easy on the pocket 🙂

Thanks for reading

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