Hello everyone! By the tile of this post you can tell that i’m a bit mental, can’t argue with that but as i type this post i remember the very first time i wrote a post and how afraid i was about anyone finding out and then making fun of Β me :/, BUT thankfully i decided to share it with a couple of friends on FaceBook and they all loved Β it so here i am one year later, still going!

I love being all girly and sharing my personal thoughts and ramblings with everyone and anyone who takes the time out to read my posts. I started off with blogger and i remember feeling anxious in the beginning because i dint know anything about it but slowly and gradually with much help from google search (Amen) i figured it out, being honest at that time my blog looked pretty ugly but of course i thought it was beautiful, just the same way i thought 14 year old me was hot, couldn’t be more wrong . Cheers to growing up!

Sadly but thankfully i don’t have any pictures of my old layout. In August 2014 I changed the layout of my blog to a very girly and anyone who knows me will agree a very ME layout with the floral borders and the peachy cream theme, it is my favorite till now !

anushaesays website

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 12.10.30 AM


But sadly when i shifted to wordpress i realized that the theme was very old and not very mobile user friendly, alas we had to part ways and say goodbye.

I was hesitant to switch to wordpress because it is more ‘professional’ and i did hate it at first but slowly i learned to love the new look of my blog which is now a site : anushaesays.com!!! feels surreal to even say it.

I even gathered the courage to start a YouTube channel, its called Anushae Khan, but you can just type in anushaesays and hopefully it’ll show up, i try to post a new video every week, fingers crossed that i keep this up!

Hopefully my blog will keep growing, i shall continue yo post till the creativity in me drains out

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN READING MY VERY FIRST POST THEN HERE YOU GO:http://www.anushaesays.com/2014/02/facewash-for-oilysensitive-skin-micellar-foaming-facewash-review.html

Happy Blogiversary to me!<3 πŸ™‚

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Hello everyone! welcome to my blog. I review makeup and fashion products (obviously) along with that i post about any and everything i feel like from lifestyle to my life ramblings. Watch this space :)

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