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The drugstore is full of new launches which is always exciting, i myself decided to have a peek to see the new stuff in stores. As soon as I stopped at the Rimmel Counter the first thing i saw was that the Apocalypse was back and this time its matte.

Rimmel apocalips

I loved the original Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquers which came out in 2013, they had a glossy finish and i loved them, this time round Rimmel has released the matte version of the Apocalips.

They Packaging is the same except the lower end which has a matte finish to show that the product is matte duh!

There are sadly only four shades to choose from which is limiting whilst the lacquer ones have a wide variety of colors to select from, also i noticed that the color of these is similar to the lacquers with the exception of one which is called orange-ology which is slightly different.



The finish of these is not a 100% matte which is good in my books because i do like a little bit of sheen, however they do feel powdery on the lips after sometime, and they are not as long lasting as you’d want them to be, especially Atomic rose which is the lightest of them all. The darker shades probably will last longer though.

I do like how the colors look on me, another positive is that they don’t have that strong smell that the other Rimmel lip products tend to have, i’m not fussy about the scent but i’ve seen people who can get very sensitive about it.

I picked up two colors; Atomic Rose which is a nudey peach color and is very similar to Luna from the lacquers’ collection

The second one is called meteoric matte, which is a plumy color and this one is my favorite!

swatches of rimmel apocalypse velvet lips

atomic rose rimmel

swatches of rimmel apocalips velvet lips

Mateoric Matte is my favorite

swatches of rimmel apocalips

comes with a doe-foot applicator

Overall I do like these, i would definitely want to try the other darker shades, however if you are looking for a lipstick that will stay on for a long time then these are not for you, if you are someone who is alright with touching up the lip color once in a while then i suggest you go get you some!

Available at all Rimmel counters across the country.

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