Hello everyone! Let’s talk about face serums today, and how beneficial they are for the skin. I am the type of person who would spend the least amount of money on skincare, i’m lazy that way, if i walk in a store i would just automatically run towards the makeup counters completely ignoring the skincare section.

But since then i have tried to move and spend a little extra on skincare, one wise person once said, your face is your canvas with your skin being the biggest asset! Hence it has cometh the time for aye to spendeth more on skincare πŸ™‚

I bought Kiehl’s midnight recovery concentrate back in October after reading a zillion rave reviews on it i decided that it was time and i need to try it to see what the fuss was about, and i have to say this product is amazing!

So basically it is a serum oil that you put on your face , it comes with a clear tube which helps squirt the oil on the face, it says 2 drops are more than enough but i use 3 to 4 sometimes, the Β formula contains Omega-6 fatty acids, Squalane , lavender and other oils which include evening primrose oil ( i always misread it as promise oil), this product has no Parabens or any chemically treated oils so you’re putting all natural stuff on your face.

how to get rid of acne

What I do is that, before going to sleep i take a cotton pad , and then pour the serum onto the pad and put it on my entire face, if i’m lazy i just use my hands. The texture is oily but it hasn’t broken me out.

Ive noticed my skin look a lot healthier and a whole lot more awake in the mornings, i wouldn’t say that all the spots i have from blemishes are gone but there is a significant improvement , Also if i have a blemish ill just pop this on and it will be significantly smaller the next morning, I absolutely love this product and will recommend it to anyone with acne prone skin it really does work.

It is $46 but totally worth it, i get dry patches during winter and you know how gross they can be this bad boy takes care of them in just one night which is amazing!

If you get a chance then definitely buy this product!

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