Hello everyone! Ever had first world problems in picking out a foundation shade? I know i have, its really a task getting the shade which is just right . Some people just pick the shade which is completely off on their skin, the major mistake they make is not realizing what color undertones they have which play a very important role in making up the skin color which we see .

There are basically three undertones in our skin which makeup the color of our skin, and they are; cool, warm and neutral.

Here is how to determine which undertone you have :

  1. Hold a white sheet of paper against your face in daylight and see if your face appears yellow or pinkish in contrast to the white, if it is more yellow then you have a warm undertone, if it is more pinkish then you have cool undertones, if its a mixture of both then you have neutral undertones that is you have a mixture of both
  2. Another way you can determine your undertone is by checking the color of your veins present on your arm, if they are greenish then you have a warn undertone that is your skin tone is more yellow , as compared to if your veins appear more purple then you have a cool pinky undertone, if its hard to tell which color it is, more purple or green then you have neutral undertones
  3. Another quick way is to see Β which color looks better on you golden or silver and which color jewelry would suit you golden or silver. If golden then warm yellow undertone and if silver then pinky cool undertones if both look amazing on you then you have a neutral undertone.

Once you have determined which undertone you have, it would be easier to pick out a foundation that would suit you, if you have warm undertones opt those shades which are more yellow than pink and vice versa for cool undertones, go for those foundations which have more pink in them, those with neutral undertones find a shade which is in between but i would suggest go for those shades which have a slight pinkish tinge to them because the yellow tinge will make your skin tone look grey and that won’t be pretty.

here are some examples:

Cool Undertones:

Β 83rd Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

emma stone cool undertone

Warm Undertone

camilla warm skin tone

rihanna warm yellow undertone

Neutral Undertone

victoria Beckham neutral undertone

jessica biel neutral undertoneI hope this post was helpful for you.

Thanks for reading <3

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