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How have you been? I’m going through a lipstick phase these days,whenever i walk into a store the first thing i’ll do is look for new lippie stuff, quite a few new llippie launches i have to say, which makes me want to go crazy and buy everything.

I’ve been on the look out for work appropriate lip colors, as much as i love wearing bold lips sadly they aren’t work appropriate and after realizing that i do not have lighter lip colors naturally, i went out and bought me some πŸ™‚

My friend was adamant on me buying the Catrice ultimate shine lip color, mainly because she felt guilty buying 5 lipsticks and wanted someone to share the guilt with , and i being the good friend bought the shade 220 Mrs. Brightside.


Catrice lipcolor

cool toned lip color

Catrice lipstick 220

The packaging is very classy, it comes in a silver plastic packaging which looks like steel but obviously isn’t, one thing i did not like was that the lipstick moves in the tube so when i open it i can see the color on the sides of the tube which is weird, and makes me think whether the product is melting, so you may want to avoid throwing this one in your hand bag.

The formulation of this product is not a full lipstick but somewhere between a lipgloss and lipstick, it comes out a little sheer on the lips but the color can be built up, its very easy to apply and does not accentuate the dryness or the lines of my lips which is gross.

The color is a gorgeous cool toned pink and feels very light on the lips, it comes out glossy on the lips and the best part is that it doesn’t transfer outside the lip area which is a very necessary quality for work, the last thing you need is lipstick on your teeth!

This is also a good color choice if you want to keep the eyes heavy πŸ™‚

work appropriate lip color

mrs bright side lipcolor

It is not a very moisturizing product i’ll be honest my lips do feel tight after the color wears off, but i naturally have very dry lips so it might not be the same for everyone.

On the whole i love the color, the ultimate shine range has other very gorgeous colors that i can not wait to get my hands on !

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