Hello everyone, how’s it going? I recently went out to the mall with a couple of friends, I made a promise that i wasn’t going to buy anything, just have dinner and leave, but if you know me then you’ll know how impossible that can be -_-

I got two new lippies, so I wasn’t that bad , For me buying two lippies is being in the hoarder limit, if you get 5 then you start to lose yourself a little bit, and if you end up with more then five in your basket then there is an obvious problem, trust me I’ve been there, so on a scale of lipstick crazy lady I did alright!


Lasting finish lipstick 107 rimmel

Rimmel Kate Moss lasting finish Lipstick in 107


I finally got Rimmel 107, I’ve wanted this for so long but I always put off buying it because I have way too many reds, but this time I could not resist, as soon as I put it on I knew I wanted it in my life, we live in a materialistic world, sigh!

Matte Lipstick

Rimmel Kate Moss 107 Lasting finish lipstick.

It comes in the standard red tube packaging which is for the Kate moss lasting finish collection for mattes, and has that scent which a lot of rimmel lip products tend to have.

I like the fact that the cap of the product doesn’t come off, this is a problem I have when I keep a lipstick in my purse and then when I open it I see the tube squished with lipstick all over the inside of my purse, this has happened to me many a times and each time that happens it leaves a scar on my heart 🙁

Lasting finish matte lipstick

Rimmel Kate Moss lasting finish Lipstick in 107


107 rimmel kate moss

Rimmel Kate Moss lasting finish Lipstick in 107


107 kate moss lasting finish lipstcik

Rimmel Kate Moss lasting finish Lipstick in 107


The color is a gorgeous dark berry red, perfect if you are a bold lip kind of a person, I personally LOVE bold lips mainly because I suck at eye makeup so my eyes are pretty basic, its perfect for a night out especially if you want to look hot! Haha that’s how I’d describe it, it will make you look HOT! As cheesy as that sounds, the color is also perfect for the colder months when people find it more acceptable to be wearing a bold lip even if you are just going out to get coffee, or grocery even, trust me I wont judge you if I saw you grocery shopping with 107 on, I would probably walk up to you and say ‘love the lip shade’

deep berry lipstick for dark skin swatch

Rimmel lasting Finish Kate moss lipstick swatch


The best thing about this color is that it will look good on every skin tone there is, say no to racism people, sorry that wasn’t relevant but stilllllllll.


The finish of the lipstick is matte, and it does feel powdery after a while, just like any other matte would, but it does not accentuate the dryness of my lips which is always a selling point for me because I have dry lips all year round.

Here is what it looks like on :

Rimmel lasting finish kate moss lipstick

107 applied on lips

The best thing about this product is that it stays on for ages, I ate and drank with this on and it did not budge, it did not even transfer anywhere outside my lip area which a lot of dark colors tend to do.


Also it is very easy to apply, I find mattes unusually hard to apply especially ruby woo by mac, but this is very easy, so plus points for that.


Overall I absolutely Love this product, and I love how it looks on me, I would highly recommend you get this if you want to look hot :p


Thanks for reading <3

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