Hello everyone! Who gets excited when it comes to coloring your hair? I know I do, But as much as I would love to have brown hair by day and strawberry blonde hair by night I’m incredibly terrified by the damage the dye would bring to my hair. Especially after watching hair damage stories on YouTube.

However I recently decided to color my hair again, I previously highlighted my hair at home using Revlon color silk, read that post to see how I did the highlights, I pretty much used the same technique this time as well except for the fact that I tried out L’Oreal’s box dye from their casting crème gloss collection.

I didn’t want to go crazy with the color, as in dye my hair blonde or anything I just wanted to add a golden tinge to my hair without damaging it, so I picked up the shade Solar Golden Brown.

Solar Light Brown

Solar Light Brown

My hair falls in the darkest option.

My hair falls in the darkest option.


L'Oreal Paris box dyeThis box dye comes with;

  • The developer
  • Color
  • Hair protectant serum
  • Conditioner
  • Gloves



Look at all the metal!

Look at all the metal!

There are also detailed instructions given on how to mix the dye and how long you have to keep it on. Is it just me or does anyone else also get paranoid about how long you have to keep the dye on? If it says 25 minutes ill put the alarm on for 23 minutes and then when the timer rings I’ll have this feeling that I should keep it on for another minute, haha its okay If you din’t understand what I just wrote there. I’m confused myself.

I decided to do highlights again this time, I did the same process I did the last time I colored my hair, that is by cutting sheets of aluminum to warp around each section once done.

I also put on coconut hair oil before dying my hair as it helps in protecting the hair plus it also helps in absorbing the color quicker. One thing I also did was that I washed my hair the night before so I had pretty oily roots, after putting on the oil I used the protective serum which comes with the dye into my hair, then I sectioned my hair into four and then randomly picked up different sections of hair to put on the dye.

I left the color on for 23 minutes and washed my hair with warm water. I did not use shampoo to wash out the dye, all I used was the hair conditioner the dye came with


The L’Oreal casting crème gloss is a permanent dye so it will stay on for much longer, but as it’s a permanent dye it contains bleach, if you are looking for a box dye with lesser ammonia then go for the other range they have. However if you have darker hair and you plan on going lighter then it would be better for you to opt for the casting crème gloss as it will help you in achieving a lighter color, solely because of the higher bleach content.

Shade Solar Light Brown - 6.32

Shade Solar Light Brown – 6.32

On the positive side this dye did not damage my hair and by that I mean I did not have dead fried looking hair , instead my hair was pretty glossy and soft, The color on the other hand wasn’t as light as I had hoped. I thought that due to the bleach it would go a bit more golden but it did not sadly.

Here is what it looks like , before and after:

Here is my hair DONE!

Here is my hair DONE!



Light Golden Brown Hair

Light Brown hair color

Overall I do love the color I got after using it, its been a week and my hair has lightened gradually to a nice warm golden brown color, the true color of the dye is visible in the sunlight obviously, inside it appears darker but it does give a goldeny tinge to my hair, I like the fact that it warms up my complexion.


I would definitely recommend you this hair color if you plan on going just a tad bit lighter , if you have lighter hair then you shouldn’t have any problem with getting a close to the box result.

Good shampoos for damaged hair


I use Johnsons baby shampoo along with the l’Oreal conditioner and it suits my hair well, my hair feels baby soft, and the combo is the best I’ve tried so far, if your hair needs total TLC give Johnsons baby shampoo a try 🙂


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  • Shumail

    Your hair are beautiful. And the ways you have dyed them, I am also doing it next time. Great review.