Hello Everyone!

So its been a while since i uploaded my very first YouTube video,

Now that i’ve gotten used to my very hectic routine i decided enough slacking and more chop chop

And so there you have it a new VIDEO is done and up on YouTube

Since i discovered the magic of contouring i’ve tried many ways to incorporate it in my daily makeup regime.

First time i ever saw a how to contour video i thought ‘nah i’m never gonna do that, its way too much makeup’, but since then i’ve tried using minimal products to get a nice contoured nose!

This is how i like to do it, you may do it differently, but i just wanted to share how i do it.

To be honest i won’t do this everyday but on days i really will take my time doing my makeup.

so here you go :

If YouTube is not accessible in your country click the link down below to watch:



Thanks for watching πŸ™‚

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