Hello everyone, after putting up my last Aliexpress makeup brush haul post, i’v received a bunch of requests to do a post on makeup sold on aliexpress.

To be honest i’ve never bought any makeup from the site because i’ve never had the courage to, although scrolling down to see naked 3 being sold for 10 bucks is pretty tempting to hit the ‘add to cart’ option but one thing i’ve learned over time with aliexpress is that you get what you pay for and if it seems too good to be true then  it actually is.

All the branded stuff you see on the site is a 100% fake and if the seller claims otherwise then they are lying, because there is no way Urban Decay will sell their Naked palettes for 10 bucks and whats the point of MAC selling their lipsticks for 16 bucks when you can get it for $2 on aliexpress? Theres no brainer here, the stuff is fake .

Now that we have that clear,lets move on to quality, i have seen people do many reviews of the makeup the’ve bought and one thing i’ve noticed is that the packaging will be very close to the original but the product will be obviously heaps different, for example the eyeshadow will be less pigmented than the original and some shimmery shades will have no color payoff.

I steer very clear of  the  foundation and blushers that are sold on the site, you never know what might be in them they can be harmful and cause irritation or worst give you blemishes *read in Hermonie voice*

I really wanted to try the lip products i saw on the site, i’m not gonna lie the pictures on the site are pretty darn good, i have to say you gotta give it to them for their marketing skills!

Now i’m not as careful with my lips than i am with my skin, although the skin of the lips is thinner than the skin elsewhere but my lips are not as sensitive, if i eve end up buying make up from Aliexpress then it would definately be a lip product.

So in the end you have to make up your mind, should you order the makeup? I would suggest no because you never know what kind of ingredients are in the product, but if you want to test it out then i suggest don’t go for anything skin related by that i mean foundations and blushers . If you feel brave then order the ip products and leave down in the comments below how your experience was, maybe i’ll get the needed encouragement to order some lippies myself 🙂

I hope this was helpful for you in anyway, thanks for reading <3

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  • Kayla

    I went a year before I would order anything from Ali, I was scared to death. Some of the fakes are bad quality. I have found some items like “The Balm” products on Ali are almost identical.

    • From what i have learned, makeup on Aliexpress is all fake!

  • Abi

    Be careful. It’s actually smarter to try powder or blusher from the site than lip products. Since you lick your lips and ingest products on your lips (gross but true, the average woman consumes 2 pounds of lip product in her lifetime) you are more likely to be poisened or exposed to carcinogens through the lips or mucous membranes in the eyes.

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