Hello everyone! how have you all been ? Hope you’re alright, hoping you’re not cringing every time you see new yer resolution status updates, because i am, i wonder why people ever keep a new years resolution? it never works out.

Anyway i recently placed an order on Aliexpress, i had ordered from this store before and i loved the quality of brushes i got so i decided to order more, if you wish to read the previous post then click here. How to order from this site you may ask; this site ships worldwide and accepts only credit cards. You’re welcome 🙂

The store i ordered these brushes from is called Sedona Makeup Brush Factory , the seller , replies very fast and the shipping is pretty fast too, i received both my orders in just 2 weeks which is pretty good for Aliexpress.


So here is what the brushes look like, i chose a set which includes 3 face brushes and 7 eye brushes , I paid a total of $9 for 10 brushes which is insane if you ask me. The quality is AMAZING, they are made from synthetic hair and the handle is bamboo now i don’t know if its real bamboo but it definitely looks like it. I even washed these to see if the hair shed but not a single one did, test one passed. Thumbs up!

aliexpress haul sedone brush

Welcome to my collection, boys!

Aliexpress makeup brush

Ya’ll are beautiful

review aliexpress brush

I use this for putting on foundation


Aliexpress makeup brush. sedona

I use this one for putting on bronzer.

aliexpress brush haul

Weirdly i use this to contour my nose.

sedona shop aliexpress

Eye makeup Brushes

aliexpress haul1

here’s another angle for ya!


My overall experience from ordering from this store on Aliexpress has been amazing, the quality of the brushes gives my sigma brushes a run for their money, and this is coming from someone who is Ah-bsessed with sigma brushes. The fibers are sooo soft they just make you want to buy a blanket made with synthetic hair!

Actually no that would be creepy!

Hope you found this post helpful in any way, if it did a big thumbs up and thanks for reading <3

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  • Ioana

    You can pay with debit card too. I paid and there weren’t any problems. I really want so much these brushes, looks very qualitative in your pictures and I can’t believe at this price they can be so fluffy and soft. <3

    • Oh wow i dint know that. Yes the brushes are amazing quality!

  • Sara Tavares

    Hi! They look really nice! Do you have the link of the brushes?
    Thank you

    • Um nope sorry, but tbh there are soooo many makeup brushes available on Aliexpress you’re bound to find good ones!