Hello Everybody! Its been a while since i did a favorites post so here it is, things I’ve been loving for the past few months.

1) Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate: This stuff is the bomb! its an overnight skin repair treatment, just pop one drop on any blemishes you have and see a significant improvement in the morning.

2) Mac Russian Red: A classic. I’m a dark lip kind of a girl and i absolutely love wearing it, especially in the colder months. Its not matte and its not glossy, its the perfect in between.

3) Body Shop Moringa Body Butter: this stuff smells divine, i used to buy vanilla and warm scented moisturizers a lot but they started giving me a headache, this is very fresh to smell and i enjoy it alot!

4) KitKat Crunchy Peanut Butter: OMG just take a moment of silence to adore this, i LOVE peanut butter and kitkat so combined together its heaven in a wrapper!

5) Maybelline Baby Lips electro- Pink shock: I just got this and i have been using it daily, i get really chapped lips during this time of the year and this is super moisturizing plus the color is just wow.

6) Cetaphil Lotion: i bought this back in April when my skin was super dry but it just dint work for me back then, it made me feel as if skin was drowning, but i just couldn’t get myself to throw it away because it was in a decent amount sized bottle, lately i’ve been getting chapped feet and so i decided to use this and the next day BOOM my feet are baby soft, i use this on my eyebrows too and i’ve seen them get thicker, i dont quite know the physics behind this but if your eyebrows are looking sparse and dull get Cetaphil 🙂

7) Bath and body works scented candle- Marshmallow fireside: This candle is a cult favorite of mine and i’m pretty sure for many other candle lovers too, it smells AMAZING!

8)SleekMakeup Cream Blush Palette in California IA: I’ve been into cream blushers lately and this palette has the most decent colored blushes which you can wear with dark lips, plus it also has a beautiful highlight color which just gives the most gorgeous dewy glow.
I’ve also been loving the show Revenge, i’m obsessed with it, new season is here and at the end of every episode i cant wait to watch the next one.
I never listen to songs on repeat but this one song i cant get enough of, its called Salvation and its by Gabrielle Aplin, give it a listen, its amazing.
That’s all I’ve been loving for the past few months
Thanks For reading 🙂

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