Hello everyone, Long time no post.
I’ve been very busy lately, and I’ve noticed the busier i get my hunger for shopping increases by 3000^123456789!
I bet most of you feel me on this.
When you can’t go shopping you go online shopping, that’s what i do, casually cruise through stores and eventually end up buy something.
So i was on sigmas website the other day and i came across their 3DHD brushes, I’ve never heard a brush being called 3D and HD so naturally i had to buy it.


This brush has a triangular shape from the top except that its flat with Β pointed sides (hope that makes sense), which is so good for applying foundation in areas where you’d have you use your finger or a concealer brush, it just makes foundation application a dream, i’m not really into liquid foundation but this brush makes me want to wear liquid foundation, it is soo freaking soft but that’s already an established fact about sigma brushes.
I just love looking at it, its such a classic, i was half tempted to get the pink one but then in the end the black one won me over.
Sigma is having an amazing Black Friday sale starting on the 27th November and they are shipping free world wide, i hope i knew that earlier i would have ordered this on Black Friday, hmmm!
Its priced $24
Check out sigmas website, they ship worldwide πŸ™‚

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