Hello everybody! hope you are having a good day, I’m not sadly my November struggle has begun, exams next month so i’m therefor putting on my nerdy glasses, cant wait till i get free -___- 
I’m going to talk about Makeup Academy’s heaven and earth eye shadow Palette, im probably 2 years late talking about this but its just that I’ve started wearing eye shadows just this year.
Better late than never, right?!
I’m very conservative when it comes to eye makeup, HM modest or conservative what would be a better fit? 
I’m too lazy to Google it but you get what i mean. So i dint want anything too crazy just something that would add a little ‘umph’ to my makeup.
I therefor settled for the heaven and earth palette.
Its a lovely palette with an amazing color collection, very earthy natural tones hence the name. It includes all shimmer shades and no mattes.

Here’s what it looks like
MUA heaven And Earth Palette 

MUA heaven And Earth Palette 

MUA heaven And Earth Palette 

MUA heaven And Earth Palette


There is nothing special about the packaging just your standard everyday palette , one thing i do like is it has a clear cover so you are reminded everyday what colors you could be wearing if you decided on using it.
I forget to use palettes which have a opaque covers, but then again i love me my sleek palettes!

Some of the colors are extremely pigmented, you can see in the swatch above whilst others are not as pigmented, usually the lighter shades disappear quickly if you don’t have a primer on. Also ope swipe does not give you a full on cover of color you may have to build it up to get a solid color, therefor i use a primer underneath and the colors come out very nicely. I did one eye (one on your right) with primer and the other without so you can tell the difference on how the colors come out on the lids and how well they blend, i’m keen like that and you’re welcome 🙂

Overall i do like this palette, it a very reachable palette especially if you like gold eye shadows, it definitely  is a spot on product for the price which is only 4 pounds ! (pkr 750). It cant get any better than this.
It gets sold out within a blink so it would be wise to order it as soon as it comes back in stock.
Thanks for reading <3

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