Hello everybody!
Guess what its almost winter, fun fact for you 2014 was the hottest year so far recorded.
I just hope it gets cold here too because i want to wear my jackets and jumpers.
Okay so in life we are faced with many problems but one problem which bugs me the most is planning when i should wash my hair!?!?!
Should i wash it today or tomorrow when i have to go out but today my hair feels dirty, ahhh the never ending debate gets the best you ladies and gentleman.
And i’m pretty sure i’m not the only one because some wise person invented dry shampoo
here are Some of the best dry shampoos i have used so far in just the course of over 8 to 8 months (i have a problem)
LUSH No drought Dry shampoo

I Love this stuff, its in a powder form and you just apply it straight from the opening in your roots and oh goodness it smells SO good! It does not leave any white residue in the hair and leaves hair looking fresh!
buy it at LUSH, or Amazon

L’oreal EverStyle dry shampoo


this is probably one of the best drugstore dry shampoo available , its in the standard aerosol form and Β smells insanely fresh, i like how it adds shine to my hair!
Available online at loreal and Amazon

Herbal Essences Naked Dry Shampoo
I love this stuff, i remember using it back in the summer and loving it, it smells great leaves no build up, i did findd that you have to massage it in properly to absorb the oil but after that works perfect.
Buy it here:
Dove Refresh and care Dry shampoo



This is the only product out of the above which give my hair volume and i love that about this , it smells amazing it just makes me feel i took a shower the results are amazing, plus i love how it adds shine to my hair!
Buy it here: at doveΒ or Amazon
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