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Lets talk about makeup brushes? I’m currently going through a makeup brush hording phase, not a good phase to be in but in my defense buying makeup brushes is an investment, as one wise friend of mine once said!
For me Sigma has just been killing it, i bought almost all the kabuki brushes i could find from sigma and oh lord thank god i did, I am absolutely in love. 
I got five of them. Starting from the left; Flat Kabuki , Round kabuki, Angled Kabuki, Tapered Kabuki, Flat angled kabuki

They have such a classic put together packaging, the best thing about their shape is that i can hold them firmly in my hands, this maybe too much information but i don’t like holding very thin products in my hand, mainly because i’m butter fingers, I DROP EVERYTHING!
I honestly love the packaging, I wanted these for so long and it is 90% because of the way they look!
Makeup Application:
Once i got these i just immediately wanted to put makeup on my face, then i told myself, Anushae calm down, they aren’t going anywhere. They are so insanely soft and fluffy and if you aren’t applying makeup you can just brush them on your face, soo relaxing. Okay i just got really weird just then.
Makeup application is heavenly, i used the Flat kabuki to apply my foundation and it gave me such a nice airbrush finish , ive used the angled kabuki to apply my bronzer (don’t know if that’s what its actually used for but what the hell?), and i used the round Kabuki in applying my blush and i have to say my blush has never looked better, i don’t know if its the product or am i mentally obsessed, hmmm?!?!
I washed them after using them with Johnson’s baby shampoo, not a single bristle fell, just stating the obvious here.
Here i my face after applying makeup with these bad boys;

I used Maybelline’s dream matte mousse foundation(read review)
Since i got these in my life i just cant wait to get more, they just keep me coming back for more.
I feel like this is a very excited post for me, i need to calm down. anyway they are priced $24 each and you can order them from Sigmas website 🙂
Thanks for reading 🙂

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