Hello everybody, I finally got my hands on 109 Kate moss lipstick by Rimmel London, i feel like this shade is sold out on a lot of places, once i was told it was discontinued, haha too little information can also be dangerous. The name of the lipstick is like a story though!
Here is is, in all its glory;

Look at that pointy tip, mhmm!

Moving on towards more serious stuff;
The packaging is alright, dint expect much as it is a drugstore lippie, however its travel friendly, the cap is sturdy and wont come off itself (at least it hasn’t for me), The colour of the packaging is so pretty, stands out from all the other lipsticks that i have. Also it is very light in weight.
Formula and Application
The lipstick is said to have a matte finish, i will say that each time I’ve worn it, it doesn’t come out 100% matte, in fact it is a more comfortable matte especially if you have dry lips like me full on matte lipsticks are just a hot mess!
Its very easy to apply, obviously it just glides on like a dream, usually most matte lipsticks are tricky to apply, however when it starts to fade it settles in the line of my lips and that looks horrid, you’ll need to touch up quite a few times if you’re planning on wearing it for a long time.
The lipstick smells floral, kind of similar to the Rimmel Apocalips lip lacquers but not as strong, the scent fades away once the lipstick is on the lips.
Colour Shade

I mainly bought the lipstick for the color, it looks really bright in the tube but doesn’t come out so bright on the lips, it leans more on towards the wearable side of bright orange lipsticks.
Here’s what it looks like on the lips ;

All in all a good product, not great but if you’re looking for a matte lipstick which doesn’t break your bank balance then this is a good investment, i will add that the lighter colours from this range are not as great as the darker ones, 107 and 110 are very good shades and are my favourites. Check them out in stores or at Rimmel London’s website πŸ™‚

Its priced Β£5.49,$5.49 USD / $7.99 CAD, PKR 875

Thanks for reading πŸ™‚

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