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I ordered some Makeup revolution goodies last month and i have used them a whole lot the past month, and after finally using them its safe for me to say, some of them are a total hit like the highlighters whilst some of them are a major miss!
I ordered three lipsticks in total, i so wanted to order more but thank God i dint, you know what they say, whatever happens, happens for the best because these lippies were a disappointment 🙁

Nothing special about the packaging, it looks very similar to MUA’s packaging, the cover of the two lippies i have is very shaky and not travel friendly, but then again for the price who can ya blame, huuhh?
There is an over whelming variety of shades to choose from, i’m not complaining but you know its tough to make decisions when you have sooo many options haa first world problems!
I got theree shades;
Bliss: A peachy nude shade
Luscious : A bright cool toned orange 
Dazzle: bright warm toned pink

The application of bliss is just wrong on so many levels, its such a pretty color and my typical go to shade anytime of the year but this formula is waxy and is so streaky when applied, it highlights every single imperfection on my lips as if ive taken a peach oil pastel and colored  my lips, it was sad beacuse i was most excited about this color. It doesnt stay on for too long and after a couple of drinks BOOM its gone.
Bliss applied
Luscious is not great but not bad either it accentuates the lines on my lips as well as dryness so a no no for winters because my lips are always chapped and i’ve tried using a lip balm underneath and on top but it just doesn’t help. Its a very pretty orange leaning on towards the wearable ones, i do believe if you apply a lip liner of the same or similar color the lipstick applied on would look heaps better.
Luscious applied

Dazzle is my absolute favorite! it has NO problems with application like bliss and luscious, its very creamy and just glides on the lips, usually darker shades are hard to apply for me because i have the tiniest lips in the world but this lippie is amazing . It doesn’t dry out my lips and staying power is a great deal better than the others.

Dazzle Applied

Dazzle applied
Overall i think the darker shades of these lipsticks will be great as compared to the lighter ones which are a bit streaky when applied. For the price you cant really complain much. They are only 1 pound each  (200Pkr on just4girls)
Thanks for reading 🙂

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