Hello everyone! today i’m going to be talking about acne, and if you’re reading this i’m pretty sure you’ve had it at least at some point in your life.

I had acne back when i was a teenager (ah makes me feel old when i say back when i was a teenager), i assure you it wasn’t that long a ago! 
I started getting spots on my forehead back when i was 14, i would say that i never had a lot of acne, i was not a kid with acne just a few spots here and there which would go in a week (which seemed like months), some start getting a lot of acne around that age mainly because of the hormonal changes that take place in your body at that time.
So what is acne and how is it caused?

Acne in fancy medical language is called acne vulgaris (disgusting name, i know), it is a skin condition which involves oil glads present at the base of hair follicles 

The skin most prone to acne is oily skin, when hormonal changes take place in your body be it during teenage, or adulthood usually during pregnancy, our body starts producing testosterone which is a male hormone, now dont worry you’re not turning into a man, its just when changes take place the body produces it in excess than usual, this reduces over the years. Now the production of this particular hormone causes the oil glands to produce excess oil (sebum) which clogs pores and causes dead skin cell and bacteria to accumulate within causing breakout.

Now People having dry skin can also have acne, usually they’ll have dry skin on top but the layer underneath can be oily which causes the pores to get clogged hence causing Mr vulgaris to peek through. 

Can you have acne after your teenage years?

I’m afraid to say but the answer is yes! sadly you can get acne even in your adult years, this is more commonly known as adult acne or acne rosacea.

Now adult acne is a pain in the ass, its caused by excessive oil production but also you are prone to get adult acne due to large pores, dirt settles in causing blackheads and before you know it you have blackheads which ultimately lead to spots, this is the type of acne that would leave behind spots and even scars.

If you have acne really bad during your adulthood make sure to check if you are having a normal menstrual cycle, usually women may have Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), which is a dis functionality of the ovaries and causes acne as well as male like hair growth on the face and other parts of the body, so make sure to Google it before thinking ”omg! i have that!”

Usually adult acne comes out on the chin, near the jawline and on the cheeks.

My experience 

During the start of this year i started getting spots, and i was like yeah okay they’ll go away nothing a bit of makeup cant cover, but then my spots started to multiply, i’d wake up with  a new zombie on my face! I noticed that i usually got spots around my mouth and then on my cheeks and they were deep in the skin, so i decided to do some research on it trying to take matters in my own hands, that is when i discovered that there is  a thing called adult acne and its out to get me.

Having spots can be mentally challenging, because you have to work out  a skin care regime that would work and what makeup you shouldn’t be using, its a pain and to be honest, it really goes heavy on the bank balance too.

How do you get rid of it?

Okay! so now you all must be like enough rambling get on with how you get rid  of this shit!

Now before i start i just want to add that i’m not a doctor and the products i’m mentioning are some of which i have tried and they have worked for me, but everyone has different skin and everyone reacts differently so make sure you do a test on your hand or any other area before using the product on your face.

For teenagers its best to always always have a good face wash to help clean the pores to reduce chances of dust settling in. go for face washes which have ingredients like salicylic acid, and benzyl per oxide. The later is a bit more harsh and drying and may cause redness so if you are young say 14 or 17 stick to salicylic acid because it is a tad bit more gentle but drying nonetheless. 

Brands like Neutrogena, clean and clear, proactiv have good products with these ingredients that work well for younger skin. I’ve done a couple of posts on good face washes for acne prone and sensitive skin;

they are listed below;

  1. Good face washes for oily/acne prone skin
  2. Neutrogena Oil free acne wash
  3. Body shop Aloe gentle face wash for sensitive skin 
  4. Noxzema triple clean anti-bacterial lathering cleanser
  5. Micellar foaming facewash

Another thing i’ve learned the hard way is that never EVER to pick on your spots because that is the worst thing you can do, when you touch a pimple you just want to pop it so that the bump goes away and the redness can be covered, all done, NO just no it damages the pore and this disturbs the healing process of the skin, plus the bacteria from the pimple you’ve just popped goes and settles elsewhere on the face and boom we have another Mr Vulgaris on our hands! 
Usually in adult acne when the pimple goes away red spots from where the pimple was remain, now these take time to heal, depending on your skin pigmentation so the lighter the skin the longer the spots stay on the face. there is no right way of getting rid of these spots overnight, but the process can be sped up my using by using a good sunblock, always go for the sunblock with SPF 60 or higher. 

Spot treatments

Now there are many over the counter spot treatments sold, but to be honest not all of them work.
Mostly salicylic acid,  benzyl per oxide, Alpha Hydroxy acid,  sulfur, and clindamycin phosphate 
are active ingredients in spot treatments.

Some easily available ones are clinagel, Brevoxyl, proactiv spot treatments, Paulas choice spot treatments.

one worth the mention is keihl’s midnight recovery concentrate i remember using it 2 years back and i loved it!

Now dont freakout if these names seem alien to you, i wish i could list down a list of all the products having these ingredients but it is impossible and unpossible at the same time, so the best thing you can do is note down the names of the extremely long ingredients and then at a pharmacy look for products having one of the ingredients.

Retinols  are also great for curing adult acne, it is a derivative of vitamin A and can be found in many over the counter spot treatments 

If you have severe acne then isotretinoin ingredient (active ingredient in accutane)  in oral medications is prescribed, but this is a strong drug with possible side effects and should be used only if prescribed by a doctor.

Things i’ve learned over the years

If there is anything i have learned at all is that acne is a part of life and its bound to happen so don’t make it your life and don’t feel bad about it all the time, it will go away with time. Its not a 100% guarantee that the products you buy will work, the best thing you can do is to stay POSITIVE 🙂

Try to use as minimal makeup as possible and let your skin breathe, steer clear of high coverage foundations because they clog the pores, try using powder based and mineral foundations with concealers. I’ve learned that using a green base concealer or primer can help heaps in correcting redness.

Another thing that i noticed was that whenever i ate lot of dairy (milk, cheese, cakes and all that good stuff) i broke out more so try to cut those short to see if it makes a difference.

I hope this post helps you in anyway
Thanks for reading 🙂

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