Hello everybody, I was recently on a look out for a shine spray, i have used a few over the years but i’ve never finished one mainly because I’ve never really loved one that much to use it regularly, most of them make my hair look greasy and weigh it down.

I came across the toni&guy moisturizing shine spray and it went straight into my cart, however my friends will disagree because according to them it took me ages to decide if i wanted it. lol

the product claims; 

weightless shine, long lasting smoothness and hydration 

”create weightless shine and long lasting smoothness, spray evenly over blow dried hair and brush through, or for an added shine boost flip hair upside down and spritz whilst blow drying with cold hair”

I first used it without blow drying or adding any heat to my hair, just to freshly washed hair, when my hair dried properly i noticed that my hair was pretty shiny however i saw the product had build up on my hair tips which made it look as if i had traces of oil in my hair, but my hair felt very soft.
Next i applied the product in air dried hair by spraying the product on to my hair brush and then combing it through and i was blown away it added such a nice shine to my hair, and i noticed that there wasn’t any product build up, my hair felt soft smooth and glossy.
I then straightened my hair, and then applied the spray with the same technique and oh my goodness the results were amazing, i had the shinny glossy hair I’ve always wanted.
You know how in shampoo commercial  they add ultra exaggerated shine effect to the hair to make it look unreal which no one ever believes but the show it anyway, yeah my hair looked that shinny, so you can tell how much i love this product 🙂 
I don’t apply the product directly to my hair anymore because i read somewhere that it has alcohol and it dried the hair, so I’ve been kind of horrified, but i’ve been using it for a while now and i did not notice that the product dried my hair, i guess it works different on everyone.
If you have dry hair and you want to add a little shine to your hair then do invest in this product it is very light weight and works best if you like blow drying. I would a 100% repurchase it 🙂
Its available fairly easily and is priced PKR 900-1100,£7.49, $15.99.
Thanks for reading<3

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