Hello everybody, fall is here, which means winter is close, get excited!

During this time of the year my face starts looking dull, i don’t know why but i’m guessing study stress, not that i take any.
I got the Orglow instant organic face brightening mask by Salina cosmetics back in April and i remember i dint like it as much, mainly because i had pretty bad skin, i was breaking out a lot and so the mask dint really do much for me.
However i started reusing it again in July and i fell in love with this product!
I’ve seen many blogs claiming this mask to cure acne and give you flawless skin, and they cant be anymore misleading, it angers me sometime to see people giving the wrong opinion about products!
Okay so the product goes by the following one liner:
Brightens, whitens, tightens
It is a 100% organic face mask made with natural ingredients .

I would say it ticks only 2 boxes for me, i did not notice any whitening, but yes it does brighten your complexion and by that i mean your face looks more awake, well rested and just happy, haha.
It gives just the right amount of tightening, i have oily skin and i was worried that it would leave my skin super oily by over drying it, but i was wrong it keeps the tightening to a complete balance, thumbs up for that.
I usually use this mask before putting makeup on my face, it hydrates the skin and makeup applies on like a dream, plus it makes the make up look more brighter, i don’t know how to explain that i guess you’ll have to use it to see πŸ™‚
It comes in the form of a powder and you have to mix it with yogurt in equal proportion (IE one spoon of both), and glycerin oil (if you have dry skin) i don’t mix glycerin because i have oily skin. You have to leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes. And you are suppose to keep it in the fridge once you’ve used it.
I look a bit mental, but heeey
This mask does not help in clearing acne, and i haven’t noticed much help in clearing acne spots either, if you are looking for an organic face mask for solely acne treatment purposes then get the clearglow face mask from this brand.
I love this product because it just makes makeup application heavenly and makes you look fresh no matter how tired you are.
You can order it from Salina cosmetics face book page its priced PKR 850.
I used this before going out to my cousins bridal shower read that post to see the results πŸ™‚
Thanks for reading <3

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