Hello everybody, today i’m finally doing a post on skin care, I’ve wanted to talk about the products which i’ll be talking about in a minute for quite sometime but i wanted to be 100% sure about them.

During the start of this year i had major skin problems, the situation had never gotten as bad as it got back in February and that lead me to try out a whole bunch of different face washes, moisturizers, sun blocks and make up, the whole hog!
Slowly and gradually i finally found products that worked for my skin and that dint irritate it because i have highly sensitive skin, picking out a face wash is a major major problem, if you have skin like me you’ll know, some are too drying and some break you out as if all of hell broke loose.
There are two face washes I’ve tried that i truly love and will continue to adore;

Purel Face wash

The active ingredients in this face wash are oleanolic acid and Nordihydroguaiaretic acid (NDGA).
Both of these combined together help to fight against adult acne, one of the causes of acne is hyperseborrhea (which is the excess production of sebum i.e oil which causes pores to clog and increase chances of acne)

The reason i’ve used these incredible hard words to pronounce and spell is that if you have extra oily skin chances are you have acne so these are the key ingredients to look for in buying face washes or other acne curing products (especially face washes)

If you have acne then i’m guess you will be aware of topical treatments like salicylic acid and benzyl peroxide, and most of you would have gone out and bought products having these ingredients, these do work but for me products with these ingredients were too harsh and over dried my skin, however when i started using Purel i noticed a significant change, the formula is very smooth and gentle and leaves your skin feeling fresh and oil free, i noticed that my face got a lot less oily when i used this face wash. And continuous use made my skin a lot less oily in general, the best part is it completely balances the oil production not leaving skin tight and dry but completely normal.

This can be used to cure acne as it does help in getting rid of excess oil however it will not make your acne disappear, that is sadly but truthfully hard to accept, but over the course of a few months you will see changes after using this product.

Another positive about this product is that you only need this to take your makeup off, if you have high coverage or water proof makeup two pumps will take care of you!

If you cannot find the exact product don’t worry, look for products containing this formula and they should work just fine, Paula’s Choice has a couple of products containing  oleanolic acid which can be used for fighting acne and wrinkles.

Airol- N Face wash

This product uses the same formula and i love it, it totally works for me. I want to mention what is written at the back of the tube of this product , it pretty much sums up what I’ve just talked about previously;

”Airol-N is an excellent combination of Nordihydroguaiaretic acid  (NDGA) and oleanolic acid to fight against acne and pimples. Oleanolic acid, which inhibits 5-A reductase to fight hyper seborrhea, while the NDGA contained is a cell growth regulator that inhibits hyperkeratosis (excessive build-up of skin cells on the surface of the skin) and inflammation. Aerol-N is formulated in a face wash form to control the bacterial growth.A combination of  NDGA and oleanolic acid shut down the excess production of sebum by 54.1%, and reduce inflammation in the skin by up to 72%. Inactivation of bacteria and yeast infections, which commonly cause acne, pimples and zits, is an impressive 100%. It also corrected the abnormal shedding of skin cells (hyperkeratinization), which causes skin pores to clog – that would be NDGA’s job.”

I actually liked this face wash a lot better because it was a tad bit more gentle, but all in all both of these are amazing products if you have oily sensitive skin.

they helped me alot, but i would add that what worked for me may not always work for you, but if you wanna give it  a go then hi5 πŸ™‚

Hoping that this post helps you in any way, Thanks for reading <3

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