Hello everyone, i recently discovered a new store called Dolce Saponaria did a very excited post on it too, lol
I bought a shampoo from there and i was super excited to give it a try, so here is what i think about it;
I love trying out new shampoos but i’m always scared that i might not like the shampoo and worst case scenario i would go bald from it, haha 
The name of the shampoo is very daunting, its from the argon oil collection and is an oil based shampoo, so the argon oil trend has been going on for quite some time now and I’ve always been dodgy in getting an oil for my face, i mean i have oily skin so putting oil on my face, not such a good idea, but an oil based shampoo, that cant be bad for the hair right? 

This shampoo is AMAZING, safe to say the best one i’ve used thus far, it has a nice perfume smell, similar to which all argon oil products have, it has a thick consistency and  little goes a long way.

it makes my scalp feel fresh, i was afraid that it would weigh my hair down but i was wrong, i get a decent amount of volume in my hair, even if i let it air dry, and it makes my hair so freaking soft and shinny. i remember my friend asking me what have you put on your hair its so shiny, also did i mention it makes the hair super soft, when you touch it, it feel like you’re touching silk, i might be exaggerating a bit here but in all honestly it makes my hair feel super soft.

Washed my hair with the shampoo and let it air dry

I was hoping that it would reduce hair fall and dandruff but sadly it hasn’t done much in that matter, it hasn’t caused any hair fall don’t get me wrong. But with ingredients like argon oil, wheat protein, vegetable glycerin you expect the product to make your roots as strong as concrete!

On the whole it is a great shampoo, definitely a must try shampoo, especially if you have dry hair, this is a great product, i would 159% repurchase it 🙂

You can get it at the Dolce Saponaria outlet in ocean mall, or through their website. Check out their facebook page for updates. Its priced PKR 1600 ($16) and Â£ 7.99.

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