It’s been a while since i did a favourites post, primarily because i haven’t really used any new products and have stuck to the old ones but this past month i wanted to try a few new things, my skincare regime has changed completely as I’ve started going Dr. Khilji (finally) so most of the skin care things you see are prescribed to me by him, he’s a genius i have to say.
Face and Body things

  •  St Ives Body wash – Nourishing Vanilla, Oh my god this stuff smells so so good!
  • Clean and clear blackhead clearing scrub; i use this once a week or once every two weeks
  • Sun off oil free sunblock in SPF 60, this sunblock is AMAZING! if you have oily or sensitive skin and you don’t want a sunblock that makes you look like you took a bath in grease then this is your best friend, hands down!
  • Purel Face wash, this is again amazing for oily/sensitive skin. And if you use this you don’t need a million things to get your makeup off just wash your face with this and you have a clean face πŸ™‚ (read review )
  • Dove Purely Pampering nourishing lotion – Vanilla. If you haven’t guessed already I love warm vanilla scents and this lotion is a dream, seriously I’ve never loved a lotion this much the scent is amazing and it doesn’t stay greasy after application which a lot of scented lotions tend to do. I LOVE IT

I’ve done quite a bit of reading this summer, it was really hard for me to pick just one favourite, The fault in out stars without any surprise was an absolute favourite of mine, and i LOVED Insurgent By Veronica Roth, Cannot wait for the movie. The only thing which i found extremely irritating in the book was the extreme lack of communication, Tris is irritating haha.

Makeup things

  • Becute eye pencil in navy blue
  • Beauty Uk Lip lust – Date night. This is amazing i don’t usually like beauty UK lip products but this colour is so me, its a peachy nude, and i love me a good peachy colour.
  • Jordana Powder blush in a touch of pink
  • Lobello Fruity shine cherry and strawberry; i have rediscovered my long lost love for these, i remember i used to use them religiously back when i was in college.

I believe these in the USA are sold under the brand Nivea if i’m not wrong, and also Maybelline baby lips are pretty much the same thing as Labello,if  in case you were curious.

Beauty UK lip Lust- Date night
 Hair Things

So, after my papers ended in June i got really bad dandruff problems, gross i know, but it wasn’t that bad, by that i mean i dint have dandruff on my clothes but it was there, Polytar Liquid is a great medicated shampoo to get rid of dandruff, after using this for a month my dandruff got significantly less, after second month of use, Bye bye dandruff, so if you have dandruff invest in one of these. It doesn’t smell all that great but i kid you not, it actually works.
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