I recently went to the mall with a couple of friends, we all had plans to splurge big, but sadly each of us ended up buying hardly two things, hate it when that happens, unsuccessful shopping, sigh.

However the trip wasn’t as unproductive, we discovered a new store. Now if you’re a lush or a body shop fan then get excited there’s a new bitch in town, haha 🙂 Dolce Saponaria, (difficult name, i still say it wrong) that means sweet soft old world herbs!? i’m sorry if that doesn’t make sense i just Googled the meaning of both the words
DISCLAIMER: I’m smart! 
Okay so this shop is the first franchise to open up here, its basically a polish brand and i’m pretty sure its easily available in many European countries.
When my friends and i went in there, we had a major fangirl moment, literally the shop is nicely put together and they have a wide variety of organic body washes,handmade soaps, body butters, hair and skin oils, bath caviar(fancy ahaan) bath bombs, scented candles, face masks. Basically bath and skin care heaven.
The scents are very unique, we basically sniffed every scent in the shop, the salesman was very helpful too.
The prices range from PKR800-4000+ 
And lets not forget about the packaging, its sooo cute, it just makes you want to buy it!
here are a few pictures;

I picked up a shampoo, i really wanted to get body butters and body washes but i at the moment have 2 spare ones at home, so i dint want to over do it, cant wait to finish them up and buy some new ones!
I got this Argon oil hair shampoo, it was for PKR1600 ($16), its price on their website is Â£6.

And you cant leave the mall without eating something sweet;
Cinnabon time!

life needs frosting people!
Thanks for reading 🙂

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