Hello everybody! so i went shopping sadly (not) and got some new lip stuff, i don’t know if this happens with you but whenever i go makeup shopping i forget what i actually came to look for and find myself looking at lip products, hmmm! 
if you know what i’m talking about then welcome you’ve successfully qualified to be admitted to go to lippie rehab!
So these Milani power lip lasting and moisturizing gloss stains are fairly new, i would say about 6 to 7 monthish old, i don’t know i saw them recently and i bet you’ve guessed the place where i got them from by now..just4girls haha.
so here they are;

The packaging is pretty cute to be honest very light weight and throw it in the bag type, but i wish they were just as easy to apply, when i first opened the lid i was confused as to how i’m suppose to get the product out, i had a major blond girl moment and i’m not proud to admit this but i had to Google how to use them :s
I just couldn’t figure it out there were no directions on the packaging, so basically they have a screw thingy which you’re suppose to twist and then the product comes out, i did that initially but nothing came out so i thought i was doing it wrong, however long story short i did manage to get it out but with the shade mango tango a lot of product came out i was worried about that and i had to get rid of it so that i could work with minimal product.
Remember with these a little goes a long way so make sure not to go crazy with the screw or else you’ll have enough to paint your whole face!
The product itself is very good, i loove the pigmentation it is very moisturizing on the lips, and it does stay for a good amount of time, it has a glossy finish but after you’ve worn the colour for say about an hour the glossiness goes away
The line has amazing colours i’m excited to get my hands on the others

here is what they look like;

Mango Tango applied

Macaroon applied
My favourite is Macaroon, its such a pretty everyday colour!
Overall apart from the getting the product out and onto your lips part these are very good, the colour payoff is amazing, and i like that they are glossy too. They are priced PKR 945.
Thanks for reading πŸ™‚

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