Hello everyone, i was just going through my blog and dayem i use a lot of Maybelline!

You know what they say; ‘maybe shes born with it maybe its Maybelline’
I bought The fit me concealer back in April and i remember hating it, firstly because it retails for PKR 750 and i paid 950 at Scentsations, i asked the counter girl she said 750 but then when i rechecked my bill they had charged me 950, i dint notice it when i paid as i had bought a couple of other things too,  then it was too late because i was home and i wasn’t going back for 200 bucks! you feel my pain?
Anyway long story short,i had horrible skin back in April and i wanted a concealer that would make the collection of my spots disappear, i had high hopes, but it was a total let down, the blemishes are a pain hiding so they just hang out, and this concealer is not really a high coverage one so it did not help, however on the plus side it did not clog my pores and did not break me out.

Comes with Doe-foot applicator

The texture is creamy but not too thick and not too runny, its  perfect but as its a light to medium coverage concealer it will not conceal them nasty spots. So i stopped using the concealer all together.
When my skin cleared up a little and the situation got a little under control i decided to give this a go again, and i’ll admit its a good product, if you’re that girl who doesn’t like wearing foundation on a daily basis and would just use concealer and a powder then this is something that you need! its very light weight and great for the under eye area.
It wont hide every single spot on your face, the big ones tend to stick around, but the little redness here and there disappears. It is a drug store concealer so for the price its good value for money. the only problem is there are only three shades available here, 15(fair), 25(medium) and 30(cafe). There are more shades though but i’ve never seen them in stores and 15 is always sold out! 
I have it in shade 25 (medium) and its a little dark for me and makes me look a little yellow, ignoring that i do like this concealer when i’m having good skin days, it not cakey and has a natural finish.
So to summarize the above rant, i would say this is not a product for problem skin, but is pretty good if you want to even out your skin tone and go for a no makeup makeup look.
Its pretty good for sensitive skin too πŸ™‚
No makeup selfie

here is me wearing concealer and a translucent powder, you can still see a couple of spots peeking through;

Magic πŸ™‚

Overall i do love this product and would repurchase it again, but only if i’m able to find shade 15, why is it always sold out?!
Its priced PKR 750, $6-7.
Thanks for reading πŸ™‚

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