Hello Everybody. I had actually hoped that i would be uploading blogs twice a week but it just doesn’t happen, summer and Ramadan have made me ultra lazy and i just can’t be bothered. But enough with the slacking, my uni has started again, sigh 🙁 I only got a two and a half week vacation, sucks to be me.
Anyway, let’s talk about orange lips, i don’t know about you but i LOVE orange! I am attracted to anything and everything orange, its safe to my its my favourite colour, my toothbrush is also orange (in case you might want to know). Orange lip colour trend has been going on for quite some time now and trust me for me its never getting over. I have waaay too many orange lippies, but i feel like no one can have too many, you have to get them all!! haha 
If you read my summer makeup haul then you might have seen that i received Morange By MAC as a gift from a good friend, i have worn it out thrice now and i absolutely adore it .
The colour is a very true orange and the name is kept perfectly, kudos to whoever at mac comes up with names for their products, Hi5 to you 🙂
This lipstick is perfect and i say this for two reasons, first it is a beautiful neon orange which in itself is perfection and also as its from the amplified collection hence not drying but a very comfortable lipstick to wear especially if you have dry lips. The colour stays on for a good amount of time, it stays even after I’ve eaten and drank water, bonus points.

This colour is bound to look good on any skin tone, especially if you have a tan, it will make your lips POP! It’s absolutely perfect for the summer too!
here is what it looks like on the lips 🙂

Over all this lipstick is amazing, if you’re into bright orange lips then this is your cup of tea, if not then you’re boring! haha just kidding 🙂
You can get MAC lipsticks at Aghas, scentsations and also a number of Facebook pages, i suggest you compare prices at all three alternatives to get the best deal 🙂
Thanks for reading.

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