Hello everybody, get excited Eid is just round the corner, i don’t know about you but i get really excited for Eid!
Recently I placed an order on Aliexpress.com, a good friend of mine had placed an order from this site and me being helplessly curious decided to check it out (bad idea) i was immediately sucked in to all the things the site sold, from anything to everything you can possibly imagine and i mean it when i say anything.
Aliexpress is basically an online site where different sellers have their shops from where you can buy things, obviously.its based in China so your order will be coming from China (my parents din’t believe me when i ordered the first time round for some odd reason, haha)
You can pay through a credit card, bank draft or wire transfer i think, its been a while since i read the payment options to be honest, but if you’re curious i suggest you open up the website and read them for yourself. To be clear they do not accept debit cards.
Okay just to be even clearer do not trust every seller on this site because some of them are sham and will rip you off, its always better to interact with the supplier first and see how responsive they are, also read the feedback score each supplier has
The site does offer buyer protection that if you do not receive your parcel or the goods are broken your money will be transferred back to you, i feel like that this is not true because once they get your money they wont give it back, so make sure you read what the people have written as feedback for each supplier, the delivery also takes a minimum of one month which is crazy long. On the whole it is a risk ordering but i would suggest you order anyway, haha no seriously think it through before you do πŸ™‚
Here is what i ordered:

Starting with the rings i ordered these from a store called Crystal shop, the delivery came after 1 whole month, the quality of the rings was alright would say a 7/10, but considering i paid only $11 for my whole shipment, i’m not complaining

The necklaces were better in quality than the rings, and i absolutely adore them.
Whenever i wear the triangle shaped ring my little brother goes like ‘Illuminati’, ladies and gentlemen all triangular shaped things are not Illuminati, thank you very much!

Next up,the brushes i got from Sedona makeup brush factory, honestly these brushes are very deceiving because they look like real techniques brushes, however they do not claim to be real techniques if you visit this shop you’ll know what i’m talking about. I paid a total of $13 for these 5 brushes, crazy right? but the craziness doesn’t end here they are the softest brushes EVER, i have the original real techniques brushes and i compared them with these and they are actually softer, i did one side of my face with the original and the other with these, no difference in the application whatsoever, i hope i just gave you goosebumps, haha.

this was the fastest delivery, i specifically told the supplier i wanted my delivery before eid or else i wont be able to order and i got it in just within 2 weeks, thank you sir πŸ™‚
I highly recommend this supplier.

Apologies for not cleaning them, i’m lazy in that matter.

Moving on to the bags, the navy blue acrylic one is from the shop Rokki Style, i paid $16 for this, the quality is AMAZING, i’ve been seeing the acrylic clutches everywhere, Instagram, Pintrist, Tumblr etc etc, and when i saw these at mantra i was like “i need to get me these”. However we all know mantra is overpriced for no reason and whatever mantra sells is something you can buy from aliexpress, i’ve seen many clothing pieces they sell at mantra on aliexpress for like less than half the price, i don’t know i just don’t trust mantra anymore πŸ™

My delivery was within 3 weeks again, i had told the seller to ship it before Eid.

The next clutch is my favourite, i got it from the store Make In world -1, weird name for a store but they have amazing stuff, i paid $12.50 for this and the quality is divine (touchwood, i don’t want anything bad to happen, too much nazar, lol), the delivery was within 3 weeks.

I paid via credit card , I also ordered a couple of shirts and sunglasses from the site, but i forgot to mention them, one of the shirts i got i wore in my Milkmaid braid tutorial, so if you want to see it check it out πŸ™‚

I hope this post was helpful in any way for you, if it was then hi5, Thankyou for reading πŸ™‚

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