Hello everyone, summer is here in full swing and so is the heat and the oily skin (eww)
A couple of months back my skin got really bad all of a sudden, i’d like to think it was some sort of allergic reaction but the real cause of it is still pretty much unknown, now we all know skin problems can be a total pain and getting your skin back to a healthy state is a huge struggle.
At that point i tried a zillion different products, some were recommendations by friends and some were prescribed to me by doctors, most of them were just me flushing money down the drain in all honesty, but one thing that i stuck to was this skin clearing lotion by the body shop.
I bought this back in March and since then I’ve purchased 5 of these ;

When i first bought this i was all excited that i had found a solution to my skin problems but to be honest to call it a skin clearing lotion would be wrong because it doesn’t really do that, however, it did help calm my skin and take away the redness of previous spots.
The reason why i like this product a lot is because , it helps keeping my skin matte and it also makes it look a lot healthier. I usually apply it underneath my foundation, also before going to bed, it has a tea tree scent and it does not smell all that nice, however the smell fades right after you’ve applied it on the face.
I get a little tingling sensation when I apply it which i kind of like, i think it might put some people off but the feeling lasts only for a few seconds.
It is a perfect moisturizer for the summer especially for  people with oily skin, it puts off my face getting shinny for a good 4 hours which i have to say is insane in this heat.
People with dry skin may not like this because it has a mattifying effect and the skin may feel tight after application .
The only thing i don’t like about this is that it is fairly expensive, the 50 ml costs PKR 1390, i previously used it whenever i washed my face and i ran out of it in just 15 days, i find it expensive because the tube doesn’t last for more than 15 days even if i use it twice a day, so in effect you’ll have to buy two tubes to last you a month. They do not have  a bigger size available which is a total bummer as well. 
Other than that it is a good product, you’ll love it if you have oily skin, it does not reduce blemishes but doesn’t add new ones which is always a good thing! I would give this a 3.5/5.
Thanks for reading 🙂

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