Hello everyone! 
Apologies for being smelly socks at uploading, but i just couldn’t help it. Exams had taken over my life completely πŸ™
I was shut in just one room studying all day, erryday! ha
It was bad to the point that i had turned into an eyebrow monster, so not a pretty sight. It had gotten so bad that i could have easily made babies cry.
But anywho, exams are history and summer is FINALLY here !
Summers in Karachi are worse than worst they are worsest , the oxford dictionary will agree with me on that one!
 one thing i hate about summer is the frizzy hair ohmygod it gets on my nerves, i was looking for a product that would give me frizz free straightened locks very glossy very shinny (i had Megan Fox in mind) but who am i kidding i’m no Megan fox!
I came across L’Oreal Paris Studio line hot and smooth straightening cream, i’ve never used a straightening cream before so i decided to give it a shot

what it looks like

I got this product back in April and i used it once and i fell in love with the results, but April is still bearable and my hair is not as frizzy in April as they are in summer. I was hoping that it would give me the extra straight shinny frizz free look. 
Keep reading to find out what actually went down
Before Straightening 
After straightening

Okay so i’ll be honest, i wasn’t impressed this time. As you can see in the picture above, it did give my hair a a little shine but not what it promised; the extra glossy look, and to be honest i din’t really expect it to either.

Sectioned my hair into four, applied the product in my hair focusing more on the ends. Then straightened each section.
If you’re expecting this product to be magic and give you glossy hair then be prepared to be disappointed, it does straighten the hair but then so does every other straightener available. 
The product also claims that it helps protect hair against heat and gives you the best results even on the 3rd day, To be honest 3rd day straightened hair is already very straight, my main focus is the first day hair. 
However it does help protect the hair, because usually after straightening when i brush my hair i see some strands that have fallen out but after using this, it was considerably less. The product also makes your hair smell good, that’s always a good thing!
I will therefor continue to use this product as a heat protect ant πŸ™‚
On the second day after using this, my hair feels soft straight and silky, so going pretty good here.
All in all i would rate this product a 3 out of 5 . Its not very bad and its not amazing. It’s good.
Haha, hopefully that makes sense

I bought this at Motz near my place, but i’m pretty sure you can find this product fairly easily. Its priced around 550 to 600. Don’t remember the exact price .
Thanks for reading πŸ™‚

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