Hello everybody šŸ™‚
howz you?, haha if you remember the ‘howz you’ trend then hi5 šŸ™‚ i remember this was how people said how are you on msn messenger, sounds ancient, doesn’t it? 
Anyway, today i’m reviewing the storm palette by sleek makeup which i got for my birthday, since the day i got it I’ve been dying to do a review, but sadly i had exams that time so it dint happen šŸ™
But today i’m finally doing it, I’ve used it once properly, and other times I’ve just tried a couple of looks on my sister, who was more than happy to help, haha kids these days.

Okay, the palette has amazing colours which you can wear on a daily basis or on a night out, i do believe that the shimmer shades would be too much for the day time but if you’re going somewhere fancy then why not?
I to be honest got the palette because of the nice rose gold shade, i’m a sucker for anything rose gold , and also I’ve heard that this palette was really good so that was another reason for me to get it.
The palette comes with 9 shimmer shades and 3 matte shades, all very pigmented, amazing colour payoff. I would say to be careful with the darker shades because they have a bit of a fallout so you need to keep something under the eye when doing your makeup or else it will all be a mess.
swatches for you:

I really wanted to do a look with this palette for the blog but sadly none of my brushes were clean, if you look closely in the pictures above you’ll be able to tell that I’ve just washed them. 
Hopefully i shall do a look with this palette.
One thing i adore about this palette is its packaging, its sleek and sturdy, clearly. but one thing i always have a problem with is that its awfully hard to open, i don’t know if i’m opening it wrong but i have to try at least 3 times to get it open, it always chips my nail polish , do not like that! haha first world problems.
But over all this palette is amazing! i would say its a must have because you can create so many looks with it, i got mine from just4girls for 1350

Thanks for reading <3

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