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I love summer but the only part i hate about it is the excruciating heat, i mean we all can do we without that, apart from that summer is pretty perfect, no classes, no waking early, not worrying about homework and tests, and my favourite part is waking up knowing i don’t have to study today the whole day, it’s like waking up at eid mornings!
One more thing i love is bright lips, i pretty much wear bright lips all year round and i’m pretty sure a lot of people think that’s weird, but who cares yolo baby yolo, sorry for going all Drake on you guys just then but i cant hep it, I’ve been very into Drakes music lately.
Okay getting to the point, today i’m going to be talking about a birthday gift i recently got from a good friend of mine, and that is my favourite pink lipstick in the whole wide world (even though i’ve just had it for about a week, i am in love with it) 
Its the perfect pink colour one can imagine, and it is none other than MAC cosmetics candy yum yum. Its a blue toned neon pink, and i feel like it screams summer, if you have like a nice summer tan and you put this on, ohmygowd so pretty!

Who doesn’t love mac lipsticks? apart from boys i’m pretty sure there has been a point in our lives where we have become obsessed with them, and i don’t blame you i mean just look at them they are gorgeous.
Moving on towards the review, candy yum yum is from the matte collection of mac lipsticks, the colour is very long lasting i have to say, it applies matte so you don’t have to worry about it transferring to your glass when you drink water and it stays on after you’ve eaten, it doesn’t transfer on the teeth too after application, god i honestly hate it when that happens.

But because its matte, it settles in the lines of my lips, and when i have dry lips its not so pretty because it makes the dryness even more prominent.

In the pictures below you might be able to tell that i have dry lips, i did use Vaseline before i put it on , and it did help but the thing with all matte lipsticks is that you can’t really do anything to completely hide the dryness, to be honest i’m not very fussy if my lips look dry i know for some people it can be a matter of life or death , if you are one of those scrub your lips if you think they feel dry.

The colour is extremely beautiful, i did try to get a little tanned look for this by using a little extra bronzer than usual (note: i’m new to the whole bronzer train going, i never used  bronzer before so i apologize if i look like a fried turkey)

Heres a swatch:

There we go, if you want to get this you can find it at scentsations, they have this colour last time i went in there, you can even get mac lipsticks at aghas, Its priced PKR 2800. I know its a bit on the pricey side, a good dupe would be Hot plum by maybelline , sticking to bright pinks fuchsia flash by maybelline is a very good alternative priced around PKR 975.

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