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Braided up dos are really in this summer, especially the milkmaid braid. I tried back in march to make one in my hair but sadly my hair wasn’t long enough, and since then I’ve been on a mission to grow them out. Finally they are long enough to make a milkmaid braid .
This is one of those braids that look extremely difficult to make but, are on the contrary the easiest thing one will ever come across.
I’m going to demonstrate in pictures how to make it, the process in pretty self explanatory, if you just follow the pictures you’ll be able to make one 🙂 
I’m making this in second day hair, because when i wash my hair they tend to slip a lot.
Okay, let’s begin;
I’m going for a deep side parting, but if you want you can keep a centre parting or whatever you think looks better on you
After the parting, i’m leaving a few strands which i wont be including in the braid . I will later on curl them.
Note: if you want you can back comb your hair or use a dry shampoo or salt spray to make your hair voluminous 
Next up centre part your hair all the way to the back and make two braids on each side.

I’m going to pull on both the braids making them thicker, then twist it inwards towards my ear and then bring it all the way over my head to the other side and secure it with bobby pins.

Repeat the same steps again, that is twist inwards and bring over to the other side next to the first one, securing it with bobby pins.

It doesn’t matter if few bobby pins show at first, once the braid is done you can switch their places to cover them, i like to take the hair ties out too once the braid is done, but if you want you can use black rubber bands to make them less visible.


This is optional, you can either curl the strands or leave it just as the are;

All Done!

Time to decorate, I’m using dried jasmine flowers, you can use whatever you want;

Thanks for reading 🙂

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