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Everyone gets really excited when summer comes, because we all make plans  for what we’re going to do and we promise ourselves that we will stay out and come home only to sleep, but lets get real those plans never really work out and you find yourself sitting at home with your cellphone in your face getting bored out of your skin. yep my summers are pretty much like that.
The solution to boredom is getting a good movie to watch when plans cancel last minute, so initially when i first thought about doing this post i had a couple of movies in my mind but as i actually got down to writing  it i remembered a whole list of movies that i love and wanted to talk about, so sit tight because this is gonna be a long post, i can’t help myself , i watch way too many movies.

The movies I’ve listed below are the ones that I’ve watched more than once and i would watch them again because they are so good, there are some movies which you only watch once and you cannot bear to watch them again, this happens with almost all Indian movies so don’t be surprised if they are not mentioned above, haha

Pure comedy:

Euro trip:

Ohmygod i love this movie so much its hilarious, its about a guy who tries to get to Germany to meet his love whom he met online, with his friends and the events that happen while he is trying to get there. 
This movie is insane funny there is not a single scene in the movie in which you won’t laugh. Love it. 
A quick point to note is that , this is not a family movie so don’t make that mistake :p

Project X:

One can only dream of going to a party like the one in the movie, this movie is a crazy roller coaster ride, a must watch if i say so myself. I absolutely love it. Its so so funny i literally had a stomach ache while watching this.

 Its a boy girl thing:

This is another one of my favourites, a very good way to pass time, it about a girl and a boy who hate each other and wake up one morning to find that their bodies switched overnight. 
Mean girls:

I don’t think there is any list of teen movies or comedy movies which doesn’t include mean girls, its a timeless comedy of which i will never get bored of.
She’s the man:

Hi5 if you love this movie, its again a timeless comedy and no matter how old i get i’ll still watch it, we need more movies like this!
Romantic Comedy:

How to lose a guy in 10 days:

Genius movie i have  say, i absolutely love it, a brilliant movie to watch on a cozy Saturday night with a big bowl of caramel pop corns, yum! i won’t give away too much of the movie the name itself is interesting enough to make someone watch this. Must watch
Never been kissed:

A very cute movie, you may either love it or hate it for being too cliche, i on the other hand found it very cute the first time i watched it and since then I’ve been a big advocate of it.
Made of honor:

This movie is super cute, its the perfect romantic comedy for a movie night, and it stars Patrick Dempsey (Ohmeegowd) need i say more?
It’s about a guy who realizes that he loves his best friend when shes getting married to another man.

My best friends wedding:

This movie is the reverse of the made of honor, the girl realizes that she is in love with her best friend and tries to ruin his wedding, i love this and its safe to say I’ve watched it more than 5 times.There is also an Indian version of this movie called merey yaar ki shadi hai.
Penelope :

Another great movie is Penelope, its about a girl who was born with a pig face curse, so her mother tries to find the perfect man for her in order to break that curse.

The prince and me :

I watched this movie when i was 14 i think, and i fell in love with it, i still do (don’t judge me). Its about a guy who is a prince and moves to US to attend college.

The lake house:

If anyone asks me to suggest them a good movie to watch, my automatic answer is the lake house, this movie is AHMAZING! Its about a women who starts writing letters to the previous owner of the house who lives 2 years before her, that is she is in 2006 and for the guy its still 2004. Its brilliant. A must watch.
Sweet home Alabama:

I’m a huge Reese Witherspoon fan so I’ve watched all her movies, this one is my most favourite movie of her, its really really good, take my word for it and watch it if you haven’t.
27 Dresses:

Who hasn’t seen this movie? it was practically all that star movies showed in 2009, and quite frankly i watched it every single time . So far I’ve watched it more than 20 times, and that’s insane, i feel like if you haven’t watched it you’re living in some primitive times. A great movie!
Dear John:

I have heard a lot of people say that this movie sucked, but for me it was it was a total hit, i absolutely love Amanda Seyfried, a huge huge fan, she is so gorgeous, and ah who can complain about Channing Tatum? This movie is kinda sad at the end , but i still love it. I’m a sucker for happy endings, and this has one, score!

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