Hello everyone!
Sorry, i know i’ve been pants at uploading a blog, its because i’ve been studying ,my exams are in June and to say that i’m freaking out would be an understatement.
I’ve had a couple of ideas to do a blog on but i’m just not getting the time, i’m extremely preoccupied and if you want to know what a sustainability report is then be my guest, because I can totally fill you in up on it but i’m pretty sure you all wouldn’t want to know what it is. That is the reason why i haven’t updated in a while.
Alright enough of the nagging.
I’m finally doing a blog.
This past month hasn’t really been eventful but a little tid bits here and there which i can share.
So On May 8th was my birthday, i finally turned 20. I dint do anything too crazy because of exams (we’ve been through that) , My uni friends made a huge effort to make my day memorable, one of my good friends baked me a cake which was super delicious. It had peanut butter icing and let me just tell you i am ah-bessed with peanut butter

I also cut another cake which my dad got me, It was Pie in the sky’s choc fudge cake, which i love its so so so good

I’ve also been trying to munch on fruits as much as possible rather than eating junk all day which i used to, but now that i have to restrict myself because of my braces, i just eat fruits instead, and let me tell you it sooo much better then eating junk, its life changing.
Watermelon is my all time favourite

I’ve also been a little unhealthy (guilty)…

Usually whenever i go out i always order the same thing which is any chicken entree so this time,when i went out i told my self, ‘anything but chicken’ and i’m so proud of myself for ordering a fish steak. I’m not a seafood person at all but this was gooood. I don’t remember the name exactly but if you ever go to charcoal try either the 1st choice or the last on their menu for seafood.

I have also been obsessing over the tv show Revenge, i absolutely love it, and i cant tell you how much because there is no alphabet on the keyboard that would help me do that, I’m not joking it has gotten so good. If you watch it hi5, if you don’t you need to start watching it RIGHT NOW!

Oh and i wasn’t going to end the blog without uploading a picture of myself, lets face it i take way too many pictures.
Oh and did you know taking selfies is now a medical condition? scientists link it with narcissism or mental illness, dayum! 
Oh well, here goes
Thanks for reading ๐Ÿ™‚

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